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This is just terrible...because you have left us with the nail biting suspense of not knowing what you named him :D
You did an excellent job of getting us in touch with the female brain in times of pain, haha. Your poor husband!
Clever! Too clever! This was absolutely wonderful! Love your descriptions of childbirth and your husband's reactions. Too funny. Too real. Too awesome!
LOL!!! Hehehehe, this is great.
Oh, this is great. I can so relate to your descriptions of painful labor and weird pregnancy dreams. Bravo!
This is simply priceless!.
I can't recall the last time I laughed so much. Particularly at "But that cant be what she said because she doesnt look like the type to risk getting punched". This is just so real- the emotions, the pain, the swollen EVERYTHING. Then your MC goes and has a boy. That just about floored me. I never even thought she might be having a boy. You have done a superb job here.
Wonderful, delightful voice--this was great fun to read.
I've been there(5 times) and you NAILED it.We never stuck with our pregnancy baby names. You got me at the ending with the boy, now what did you name him?
This is just wonderful! So well written as to the roller-coaster ride of emotions, etc. And a great twist at the end. But, I, too, want to know what you named him! Thanks for a great story!
Oh, that second paragraph just KILLED me, Lynda! This was so fun, and such a great take on the topic. Great, vivid (perhaps too vivid in some places LOL) descriptions.
' will be okay. But that cant be what she said because she doesnt look like the type to risk getting punched.'

Thank you for the comic relief...this was hilarious!
So many funny moments in this story! The end is perfect: of course her frantic last-minute baby naming is for naught-that's the way it is with having a child-there's no end to the surprises!
I really got a good laugh out of this fun story...even though it wasn't a "fun" experience. It took me back to many long years ago.The surprise at the end was perfect. Great job.
"I pray I will connect with the part of his anatomy that put me in this condition"

Oh my! I haven't laughed this hard in quite a while. This entire story was hilarious! And the fact that it ended up being a boy at the end made it even funnier. Wow. This one has to go on my favorites list.

Awesome job Lynda! :)
Entertaing, every bit of it. Thanks for sharing this brilliant entry.
ROFL! I was laughing all the way through this, I'm curious though...what did you name him? lol. This was so funny, I loved the dream and how it came out in 'real life' Very funny! The ending was a great punchline. ^_^