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What an incredible opening paragraph, and a lovely ending to a worrysome story. :)
Ha..Ha..what a joke on her kids! I know that her kids were worried, but good for the mother. She should have told them though.
Good character development and dialogue!
Too funny. It reminds me of my grandma, who is almost 94 and has a "gentleman FRIEND" who visits her retirement apartment a couple nights a week to watch Jeopardy. LOL
The first part was a little confusing for me but the second half smoothed it out nicely. Well done.
Oh this is just delightful! I had trouble figuring out what was going on at first--where were they? who were they? But, it all came together and I enjoyed the mystery and the happy ending. Good job!
Way to go Mom!!! Great story and take on the topic. Well done.
AH! I loved this...great story.
This shows me that you are every bit as gifted with light-hearted and sweet stories as you are with historical drama...which is to say, very gifted indeed. Wonderful!
What an utterly charming story! You managed to pack a lot into this piece...and it is all very enjoyable!
Very cute, and perfect for the topic.

I agree that it was a little confusing at the beginning, but when I reread it, I don't know why it was confusing the first time.

I love the sisters' conclusions based on the food--very clever.
The last sentence is absolutely perfect, bringing the whole story full circle, and adding a whole deeper level for the reader.
This story was a very cretive take on the topic. Good for Mom, who was serious about making hay.
Fun and clever. I LOVE ALL the women characters in this piece - their characterization is so sharp and delightful.

I love how different this is from what I'm used to reading of yours. You are truly gifted.
Among other things that I liked about this story are the words you used such as: insufferagble, flounced, overwrought and distraught...words I have enjoyed seeing is far too long. Although I can't quite agree with Mom's decision, the lesson she's teaching is a real eye opener.
Good story. I was in suspense, waiting and wondering, until the new husband was finally revealed.

I can see why the mother didn't reveal her marriage, even though she maybe should have. She wanted to be with Graham, and she didn't want anyone trying to stop her or interfere with her plans.

The ending seemed kind of abrupt to me, but I still really enjoyed this story a lot. Thank you for sharing.
Go MOM! Glad she is making hay! Loved the pace of this, the concerned daughters, the tv engrossed men. Keep it up!
I loved this sentence."Something to focus on while the girls fritter away the tattered remains of their sanity." I began to suspect a gentleman friend when they opened the fridge, I was glad they arrived 'Married'. Great example of the topic.
heehee, I'm so glad at the 'happy ending' here. I was worried for the mother, what had happened what could have take her, etc, especially with the funky stuff in the 'frige. lol, great job here, I loved the twist with the new husband, and I especially liked how you tied your title in. Great job. ^_^
The range you Master's have is incredible. You sure know how to mx it up and write how it needs to be put down. Thanks for writing here.