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What great example of Anthropomorphism. I must admit I'd guessed the ending about halfway through.Very Cute!
Very creative and cute!
Cute. And yes, you got me at the end.
Very cute, and you must have had lots of fun when you got to the end and realized she was dead :)No way did I figure that out til then!
Ah, I didn't see the end coming either!
Well, Friend-you caught me, too-I didn't guess at all! I love the rhymes and the rhythm of this, as well as the humor. (Especially that she's "been that way all day".) Ha!
Wonderful, Verna, and I suspect that you've been peeking ahead in my "class"--love the assonance in the names in all of the ants. And the ending really nailed me. Great job!
Did not see that ending coming at all--it made me guffaw. (Is that okay?) Loved the reference to the Bible scripture. Good job with the topic.
Cute, clever, and very well done. The ending was great. I love your rhyming poems, Verna.
Great story in verse. I never saw the end coming either. Well done Verna.
Ok, THAT was an unexpected ending! :) The rhythm and rhyme is so much fun, and I love the ant's names.
Ypu got me with the end! I couldn't figure out why an ant would still be sleeping--too cute!
(Ha Ha Ha) You got me at the end! Funny!
I like all your names and characterizations.
Good job. **THIS SPARKLES**
Poor Miranda : ( Even in death she can't get no rest. Loved it! : )
Absolutely cute and fun - and I LOVE the ending! I loved the meter/rhythm of this - so perfect!
Loved the idea, the execution, and the fun light way to make the point, and YES the surprise at the end.. although sad, unless of course they are fire ants.. if so... not so sad.!
You need to put all these rhymes in a book for children!
Another nice one!
Enjoyable and engaging. Thanks for the ants view of making hay.
Delightful poem! I thought poor Miranda was just lazy!
I can't help saying that this is CUTE! with capital letters, lol! Such a fun read, I really liked how the names all ended with 'ant' to tie in with what they were (ants) and especially the last verse, that was my favorite, a really great job, Verna! You made me smile. ^_^
I loved this poem. Poor little ant. Very well written and fun to read. :-)
Your poetry brings a smile to my heart and face. I loved every line my friend!