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A lovely example of having the right priorities and making the most of opportunities.
I enjoyed your story and Mrs. Pennypack making the most of the opportunity to share her faith. The change in direction with the painting was nice, too.
Please pardon me for some gentle chiding. Were you in such a hurry to get this submitted near the top of the list that you couldn't take the time to proofread? "a painting of Calgary."
I have a feeling you may be a student in Jan's alliteration class. ;-) Love the name and the character. I liked the twist in the painting, too.
Your MC's name is perfect, and you managed to write a perfect charcterization of the teacher.
Your well done characterization brought your MC to life excellently. You also did a good job with "making hay."
Betty, this was delightful, as always...and I found the typo VERY funny, as I'm sure the Canadians among us will. Mrs. Pennypack is a great character!
what a great name for your MC. She reminds me of your avatar picture :)

Great story of a feisty old lady who does not get fazed by a young teacher. Superb job Betty!
I love your MC - great characterization. (And your typo is better than my usual mistake - calvary. :D) Wonderful story!
I love Mrs. Pennypack! What a woman! I could picture her and hear her so clearly--she'd be a fun one to sit and visit with and learn from.
Great use of alliteration, and not just in the title.
I love the bantering back and forth. I hope that when I'm "old", that I will have the courage to speak my mind, not caring of other people's opinion of me.
This is a good lesson for all of us. Thank you for writing it.
Mrs. Pennypack, I think, is a sly ole fox dressed in a artist's smock. Never underestimate a woman when her mind is made up.
I really like the way you used the blending of colors to help tell your story, too.
I love Mrs. Pennypack! What a delightful story!
Best opening line I've read. I really enjoyed how, not only it flowed, but set the tone. I see why you are a master. Very impressive.
Mrs. Pennypack's Christian example is a good one to follow.

I sure hope that Lorne eventually accepted Christ into his life as a result of her strong witnessing.

At least your typo was an actual place, so it made sense and gave a good laugh. :)

Great story. Thank you for sharing.
Oh I love Mrs. Pennypack. Thanks for creating a great character, more of her escapades would be enjoyable, keep writing about this ol'gal.
Oh I do so like Mrs. Pennypack. What a cute name, that made me smile as I read. I love how she shared even though Lorne wasn't ready to hear yet, I wanted to see a change of heart in him (think sequel! lol) but this was really well done! Great job! ^_^
You had my attention completely and throughout the read. I loved Mrs. Pennypack's attitude of patience with Lorne, and her ability through Christ to take his jabs. She saw beyond the temporal to the eternal, and so did you. I really enjoyed your entire story, especially the cross bit at the end.
What a great story! I loved Mrs. Pennypack's patience and wisdom. A great lesson, indeed and very well written. I could see the scene taking place. Great job.