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I guess you could say that this was more than a meal indeed. It seems to me that more than just the elderly lady's life was changed. Some transformation went on among the students as well. You did a great job of capturing the smells and sights of the apartment and the woman. Great job!
This piece brought tears to my eyes. With two parents in a nursing home, I spend lots of time with elderly people. My mother refers to nurses and students that come in to help as her "earth angels". Indeed, actions speak much louder than words in this story. An perfect example of serving others with love, not just lip service. Excellent writing!
This is so touching. Excellent writing and captures the topic perfectly.
This gave me goosebumps. Great story.
Wow. Wonderful story illustrating love in action. Well done.
This is Definitely action! I loved this--it was touching and powerful. Loved it.
this touched me so much ( more than a meal!)because I have a heart for older people who need the kind of help these students gave. We never know, but when we get that age, it might be us sitting in a smelly chair. Very good wiritng, as always!
Wonderful, Kristen, and I really like seeing you S-T-R-E-T-C-H recently. You're a star!
A very believable account of characters, dialog, scenery and message. Throw in the great writing and you come up with one great story! I really enjoyed this Krisen!
This was exciting--from the standpoint of wanting to see what else they would do for her. Beautiful story.
Very nicely done, Kristen. You definitely nailed the topic, and did a wonderful job with characterization and description. Excellent.
Praise Jesus! AWESOME!
I haven't seen an entry that better showed the topic than this wonderful story.
What a powerful message. This is well written, and flows nicely. Thumbs up!
Oh my, Kristen. I went from laughing like crazy reading Betty's to crying reading yours! Wonderful story. Great job with the topic!
Before my grandfather passed away, he used to deliver meals on wheels. He felt that since he was blessed with good health, he should help those who weren't as fortunate. I helped him deliver the meals sometimes, and it really opened my eyes to the need that the elderly have. You really brought this need out in your story. What a blessing this was to read. Thank you for sharing!
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts...
I'm sitting with tears in my eyes at the beauty of this piece. Thank you so much.
This had my heart because for ten years I worked for a senior program and you told it as it is, and how I saw it. You nailed this one in every possible way. Excellent!
Kristin, this is just amazing. I'm literally stunned. You made this so real and believable and touching. What a divine way to illustrate the topic. You're such a gifted writer. Ok, done gushing. Great job.
Kristin, this is one amazing story of "Jesus with skin on". Everything about this story is A1. Superb!
This is spot on for the topic this week. I think you captured this perfectly. You really got to me with this piece how they all came in...and just helped. Just like that. Your ending was perfect. Wonderful writing! ^_^
***Congratulations, Kristen!*** I'm so glad to see this up here! ^_^
Congratulations on your EC, Kristen. If the one in your head was even better than this, I'd sure like to hear that one. :)
Wow, Kristen, great story! Congrats on your EC! (And I see you worked in an "allusion" too!) Love, Cat
Excellent. Hard hitting in a gentle loving way. Congratulations...well deserved.
This was so beautiful; tears are impossible to contain after reading this. Amazing. Congratulations on the EC!
There are no words to describe how touched I was by your story! Before I got to the middle of the story I was holding back the tears, and after reaching the end I finally gave in and let the tears come. Wonderful!