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She sure didn't get it - that's for sure. You set up a very vivid contrast between the two characters - very nicely done. Love the title, too. Much to learn here.
What an engaging story from title to end, and the format you chose made it that much better. Well done.
Great title and an engaging story.
Oh sometimes we just don't get it, do we? Love the simplicity of one point of view and how well it tells the story. Great job!
Great job telling this story and illustrating the topic in a diary format. Love it!

I like that you chose to keep her clueless, rather than having a sudden, tidy epiphany. Some people are just like that, and it gave your story a real punch. Very good!
What a great visual of two sides of the coin! Both types of actions that spoke volumes - yet one didn't learn a thing! What a great take Peej! I just loved it!
Perfect title. Loved/hated your MC. I hope she leaned her lesson, but I think not.
THANKS for the eye-opener.
You really created a strong character in you clueless MC. This was very realistiaclly don.
Loved the format and the descriptive writing. I was rmeined of a mission trip I took to Juarez, Mexico!Stinky holes in the ground for toilets! Your MC also reminds me of some of the snobby teen-agers who went along just for the " fun"! Nice writing.
What is sad is there are so many blinded by their own attitudes and actions and they really cannot see like this girl. This was well written.
Awesome title, awesome story. Sadly I know this exists because I've seen it!
WOW. This is certainly a whole different look on a mission trip. You took a different POV and made it so real. I liked Cindy though. She was different. and not goody-two shoes different, but real different. Nice writing. ^_^
"A piece of cake" eh? Yep, she loves people and new experiences. Peej, you have done a great job here of putting across the topic. A masterful entry!
Oh, this was another guilty pleasure. The poor girl really was clueless, wasn't she? Well, done, this was too much fun. Hee hee, I just rhymed! Great story with a great lesson to boot.
Oh Peej! What a great piece of work! I love it! and love your title!