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This is an excellent depiction of contrast between Ella's tenderness and Janice's indifference, with a real punch at the end.
Oh no, the daughter ends up teaming with the indifferent nurse who talks too much, rather than the one who actually cares. Did not see that coming.
This is beautifully written and thought provoking.
I cannot think of enough good words to say about this piece, but I'll name a few. It moved me, drew me in, tugged at my heart strings, made me cry. Ok, that's several, but it is truly a keeper. You wrote this masterfully.
The world needs more people like Ella in it. You realistically portrayed life in a nursing home. Great writing.
I felt the helplessness of the lady who'd had a stroke and the warmth of Ella. Great characterization.
This entry made me cry too; mostly because it made me wonder what kind of person I really show to the people around me. Having been a nurse, I know I'm more of the good type, but it's always good to reevaluate what others see. Thanks!
CONGRATs on your EC!!!!
Congratulations on your EC. You did a fantastic job capturing what unfortunately happens in way too many 'facilities.' Very good writing.
Having done the job of Janice and Ella, and having worked with many carers, I can say that this perfectly illustrates the different attitudes of the aids. I hope I was more of an Ella than a Janice. Wonderful article - congrats on your EC!
Congrats this was moving and thought provoking. Oh that Janice, I could just.......
WOW! I'm glad I didn't miss this piece. It was very well done and directly on topic. I loved the contrast between the two and I felt so sad at the end when the daughter missed out the whole thing when she said what a great person Janice was. Huh. I would've liked to give Janice a piece of my mind! Ella was such a sweetheart though, wonderful writing, you made me really get into the story! ^_^
You've hit the topic on the head (is that the right analogy?!) beautifully, and given the reader a solid reminder of what is important too. Well done. This is a very touching piece.