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What a clever and appropriate approach to the topic.
Not just his nose, but his head! Perfect.
It's so fun to guess the MC while you build on the suspense.
A perfect example of the topic. I love your accounting of this Bible story from Haman's POV. Haman's last line is awesome. Great job!!
I enjoyed guessing the MC also! Great take on the topic and Haman's POV!
I like how you began with the execution, then went back and gave us the details that led up to it. "If only the lot had appointed us to a more immediate date." -- this is such an important detail you brought out in your story. Don't you love how God works?
You've done a lot of research to be able to write this. The book of Esther is one of my favorites. (I read it -plus the book of Ruth- to my girls every year while they were growing up.) I really like that you chose this story, your POV, and your detail.
What an opening! I love the voice you used in this telling, and your use of the single sentences between paragraphs--they added a touch of humor in just the right places. Loved it!!!
I just noticed the title--I love it!! What a tie in with the story. Made me snicker, too. :)
You have brought this Bible story to life with Haman's POV and right on topic. Even knowing the story, I was intrigued from beginning to end.
This story is the perfect example of a plan that backfired. The man not only lost a nose, but his whole head. Good work.
Wow, brilliant!
I loved the retelling of this Bible story through Haman's viewpoint. It was excellently written.
Wow! This is powerful writing! I really like the title, too. Very appropriate. I love, love, love reading about Bible personalities and events through your eyes.
Perfect Bible story for this proverb, and you've once again NAILED the voice.

This is my own piddly nitpick for pieces ike this: how's he telling this story?

Love the title, love the bitter irony here.
You hooked me in as I wondered where you were going. Suddenly, I recognized the story and thought "Good one!". Excellent voice and the bitter irony was well done (all those short sentences between paragraphs). Terrific final sentence.
What a master you are at telling these wonderful stories from the Bible. Well done my friend.
I get so much from your retellings of Bible stories, they make we want to run to the OT and delve in. Thanks for the inspiration.
Another wonderful retelling of a Biblical story.
One of my favorite Bible stories! Never really stopped to think of things from Haman's view... awesome!
Ooooh, I like this! You did very well here! Esther is my absolute favorite story. seeing this through the eyes of Haman, well that put this in a new light for the same old! Now I want to go read the whole story again. ^_^ Very nicely done!
Great title, and this Bible story is a perfect example of the proverb. The monologue style wasn't as enrapturing as some of your other pieces, but I liked the way you had the one-liners interspersed throughout.
This story has always reminded me of a great Shakespearean drama and your writing does nothing to diminish this observation. Simply marvelous, as usual!
I love it when bible stories are brought to life. This was so tangible and wonderful. You have such a gift of giving the scriptures new birth. This was so enjoyable. I can't wait for your next entry!
Oh I just love the story of Esther, Mordecai and Haman. This is brilliant. I love the telling from Haman's side. My friend, you have done another brilliant retelling of a Bible story. Well done, so very well done!!