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This was a fast paced and suspenseful read.
Beautiful introduction describing the scenery. Terrific action and suspense. Great example of the topic with a terrific story.
An enjoyable read, and especially if it was based on real experience,a salutory one for an over confident teenager!

Well written, thank you.
The teen years are fraught with episodes like this one! Good descriptive writing and characterizations kept me reading right through to the end. Really good tension in the scenes after the accident.
Beautiful descriptions throughout. This one was my fav:
The sun was rising as we crested Calico Mountain; melting trails of golden light, drizzled like syrup over vanilla ice-cream. The lake picked up the rays and shone like polished glass.
Super--yet another very visual piece that reads almost like a screenplay. I could visualize every shivery moment.

I'm puzzled by the line "I can't wait to see Luke Wilson in the snow."

The dad's got a wonderful, nurturing spirit. Very nice.
Whew! What a hair-raising rescue! For a moment, I thought his brother would die, because that seemed to be the tone as I read. I am glad that everything turned out all right, I especially liked the character of the Dad, who even in the face of everything that was happening, remained calm and firm-while also taking the moment to view his son in a new light. ^_^ Great writing!
You have some great lines and analogies here. Nicely done.
This story illustrates the topic well and should ring true with many teens. You detailed the action vividly.
I enjoyed reading this story of rescue on the New Zealand mountain. Your illustration of the topic is perfect.

Congratulations on your EC!!!! :)