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Thought-provoking story on the need for discipleship. Sometimes we rest only on the conversion and forget to grow. --> "But somehow we looked at Bob as though he had arrived."
This has some powerful truth in it. So often new believers, because of their status or fame, are pushed to fast, too far and they aren't ready, nor have they had a chance to prove themselves. We do them a great wrong. Thanks for telling the story.
Hit a chord with me, a powerful conversion story. Like Bob my passion and enthusiasm drove me forward, I was the flavour of the month. Then the rough edges of my damaged personality showed themselves; I wasn't so tasty anymore!

I have seen this happen so often, especially with young people,who have lived extreme lives. If we are all sinners, should we not expect failure?

Your story reflects a strong Christian's desire for worldly success and to want 'success' in others too.
A provocative wake up call to us all!

This is the story for this topic I was hoping someone would write. It's so true. We as Christians need to be careful about expecting too much too soon of "babes in Christ." You did an excellent job communicating this through your example here.
This is a powerful piece. One of the things that came to my mind when I read it was the testimony of a Christian recording star who got big too quickly and then ended up 'falling.' He said that the Christian world just ate him up, and he couldn't keep up with what was expected of him as a new believer. He just wanted to sing. This is such a great illustration of the topic in a hugely impactful kind of way. Excellent job!
Love your down to earth style! Such an easy read, and reminds me once again the reason why Non-Fiction is my cup of tea! Nice job and an enjoyable and true-to-life read.