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This was an incredible piece. so touching, and so rich with emotion and meaning. Thank you for telling this story. It is one of God's hard lessons, but shows His grace as only the story of suffering and love can do.
This one should come with a tissue warning. It brought tears to my eyes both times I read it. This is a beautiful double illustration of the topic.
What a beautiful piece - and yes, heartwrenching. I love some of your phrases "hundred mothers with rolling pins", and the details (five little fingers counting). Can't remember the exact wording but your MCs interaction with her son brought such life to the little guy. This one really touches the heart.
Heart-wrenching story! And a myriad of emotions that it evokes. Trevor's innocent trust is so well described.
This one should be published in a magazine. I am touched and moved by your well-written account of this precious boy. Your ending is perfect.
What a title – and it certainly didn’t disappoint! An intoxicating mixture of grace and enduring compassion. Awesome.
Whoever you are who wrote this, you are an annointed writer. This is excellent!!! One of my very favorites. The writing is crisp, clear, and beautiful. I love the is perfect. Bravo to you!
By the title I thought this was going to be humorous. Not fair - the article is heartbreaking. Yet also warming that the mother came to treasure the little one regardless of his condition. (Loved the way she calls him her own little Stegosaurus at the end.)
This poignant story tugs my heart and will not let it go.
This one is amazing - how you capture so much of the characters' personalities with just a phrase. The ending is fantastic and a perfect example of the topic. Can't wait to find out who wrote this.
So tender and heartwrenching. Your characterization was wonderful and your analogy absolutely brilliant. This one brought me to tears.
OK, make this pregoo woman cry why don't you? Seriously though, this was awesome and took my breath away with your strong imagery.

Another EC I think!
Beautiful, poignant story. It is expertly written; the characters are real and touching.
This is beautiful and very touching. A sure winner.
Wow, Jan! As always you have created a scene that draws us all right in and makes us cry with this mom and her little boy. A masterpiece!
Another masterful piece. Your attention to little details is what makes your writing stand out. This is my favorite line: "The front wheel of Kendall’s bicycle spins…spins…spins…then stops." Brilliant description.

Great job with the topic.
Beautifully written. I should have known it was yours by the amazing descriptions you wielded.
Loooooooooved it!
This mother is far richer, more blessed than almost any character I have ever read.
The depth of her love, the breadth of her vision the wisdom of her heart transcends the physical world into the spiritual where God and his angels resides. How blessed she is indeed to visit there and share fragmentary moments there with her son. This writing is simply extroidanary - all the way from the similies to the curtains it opens for the reader.
Lovely, tender, and very special. You've said so much in not many words. Excellent.
How do you do it? Wrap up so much emotion and so much detail in so few words? Beautiful illustration of the topic. Now I need a tissue!

What a gift you have. I was right there with the mother, seeing what she saw, drinking cold tea, and feeling her feelings. How perfect for the topic. Simply lovely writing.
Your writing never ceases to amaze me. Such depth and richness in so few words! Your whole story so masterfullyly led up to that gut grabbing clincher of a last sentence. Perfect! My, what an artist you are!! Bless you, dear friend, for the many ways you lift us!
Wow, you brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. It is amazing what the Lord can do in the heart submitted to Him and the incredible love He displays in our lives when we are gifted to receive the child less perfect to world, but perfectly fitted for us! Thank you for this piece. It was excellent and touched this mother's heart deeply with the memories of many things taught.
This is so private. I can feel the emotion in it and I am with her in the last line where she would never give up her Stegosaurus for a world of young wolves. That brings some very vivid imagery to mind. Awesome writing! ^_^
This should have had a tissue warning! Soooo good! And that's putting it mildly. Alot of truth here...
You have an absolute gift. I'm glad I poured a glass of wine before reading this tonight. "Mama." Best one word sentence I've seen in awhile. 'Love believes all things' was racing through my mind as a backdrop to this story. Loved it.
Trevor's story is beautiful. Your writing is so inspirational and touching. Amazing work!
Congratulations on your well deserved win, beautiful story!

I'm quite sure this was more than a story. I could see through your eyes as you watched your child. The writing has perfect timing. Great job!!!
Congratulations, Jan. Know this piece will bless and minister to many for MANY years to come...
Excellent writing and perspective. Congratulations on your accomplishment.
Excellent illustrations of the proverb, both for mother and child. Congratulations! This is so touching.
Well, my friend you have done it again. All the words I could have written to describe my thoughts and feelings have already been said. I am at a complete loss for words. Oh heavens that is not a great place for a writer to be!!

Love ya, keep up your wonderful work. don't know how you find the time to do all you do.