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Beautiful re-telling of the story of Naomi. I like that you chose to high-light the part of the story BEFORE the most familiar section about Ruth showing her devotion to her mother-in-law. Love the characterizations; they bring this story to life.
I have always loved the story of Ruth and Naomi. Yours is beautiful.
Wonderful journey into Naomi's past, examining the causes of their later plight.
This was a great Bible story to illustrate the proverb, and you told it beautifully.
I was totally engrossed and engaged. This felt so true-to-life - you have added a new depth to one of my favorite Bible stories. Wonderful.
Beautiful insights into how Naomi must have felt - an important charachter that often gets left out of 'Ruth' :)
I could feel the emotion and passion throughout this piece. Excellent.
Interesting take on the topic with a biblical story.
I love this Bible story, and your retelling of it is masterful. You did a great job of showing the proverb through this story -- I have never thought of that part of the Ruth story before. Excellent job with the topic.
There's nothing to red ink :) It's hard to get historical detail into short fiction, but you managed to pull it off with feeling.
I love this story... and it shows this topic very well.
The short lines: "Her arms were full. Her arms were empty." were very effective.
I loved how you took the less familiar part of the book of Ruth and illuminated it for us. Super!
I'll have to go and read Ruth again. Eye opening and well written.
The story of Naomi is one of my favorites. I enjoyed the creative spin you gave this part of her story. Fantastic!
Every year I would read the books of Esther and Ruth to my daughters. :) This is such a beautiful portrayal of Naomi's story. You've read between the lines of the Bible story and brought this to life. Wonderful writing!