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This is certainly a brand-new look at an old story. The last line is great, it shows the humor and makes Esau a little more realistic. Good job.
Well written perspective. The last line is a good clincher, but looking back a 2nd time... the last line in the first paragraph is the most Clever. ;-)
I couldn't get my mind around a Bible story for this proverb, but you did it excellently.
Great entry! I love how you creatively used this Bible story and you came from Esau's viewpoint. Your added humor is perfect!
I really enjoyed your telling of this story. Well done.
An excellent look at a familiar story, told from an "insiders" view. Nice use of humor throughout the piece, and I love the line "...he's been grasping at my heel...", cluing us in to who the MC is right away. Love the ending!
Creative retelling of the well-known Bible story. I liked the way the narrator’s attitude developed as the story progressed and the ending was cleverly done.
Historical and modern at the same time. Great work bringing this Bible story to reality. This one helps us remember that these are people we read about, not 'characters'. Loved it!
Creative take on a story from long ago! Well done!
Factual, entertaining, humorous, insightful, and I too, loved the ending. God blessed you with creative writing--thanks for sharing.
Loved MC's voice and perspective, very unique. Excellent take on topic.
I *loved* this. The last line truly made the whole story. As usual, it's well written, and held my attention. Thumbs up.
Ooh, nice twist on a very familiar Bible story. I have never thought about ALL the consequences that came from Jacob's decisions. This is very well written, and extremely clever. Nice job with the topic.
OH, that ending got me! I loved hearing this from Esau's perspective. Example of excellence here....
Well done! It was awesome to get the story from Esau's perspective, and I really think the ending is what clinches it.
Awesome, Jo--your last line is a great kicker, and your title is fantastic. This is a superb POV and the fit with the topic is top-notch.
Great job! And the irony at the end is priceless. Esau comes alive in this one. No red ink here!
Interesting handling of the topic. First person makes a unique POV for this.
I love this story and you really pulled off a great POV. I also like the last line - "made me a nice dinner" Tooooo funny!
So well done, I love your ties to the OT. Thanks for the refreshing look.
I laughed and hummed in amazement all the way through this terrific, bringing-the-Bible-to-life story. I loved it!
Joanne, you made this familiar story come to life. I like it when a writer can create humanity in Bible characters. It's sometimes hard to remember that they all had thoughts, feelings, and real emotions. I love the POV in your version!
I wondered, "Now how is Joanne going to get a stitch in time out of Esau and Jacob's life story?" Then at the first hint it was to be the scenario where Jacob returns home and offers his brother a bribe, er uh gift, I said aha. Perfect.

Sorry no red pen for this one. I'll leave that for a better woman than me! :)
Way to go, Jo! You really DID make Esau come to life and in such a delightfully almost whimsically engaging way. Esau has always been a rather vague character in my mind but you made him real indeed! Great job!
Oh, I like! I wondered how you were going to tie it to the topic, and you did it quite nicely. I've wondered about this (Esau) before and this is a very plausible explanation. I like it! The voice was just right. Great! :-) Hugs!
An excellent, creative twist! This one could be a skit for church!
Very nice. I thought of that Bible story when I began reading and was pleasantly surprised to find out you were writing about it. Great article and message.
Great fun. I have a brother too...
Great story. Lots of 'flavor' in this one!