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City girl here didn't know about soaping pots so I learned something new. Even better I love how you tied the story's beginning with the powerful message. I felt like I was there watching the drama unfold. This is excellent!
I like the feel of light suspense and the characters, that are so real. I could relate to them. This was great.
This wonderful story is one of my favorites this week. The tender conclusion put a big lump in my throat.
The end result was well worth doing the dishes for. Great job.
'soaps cool' and so is your storytelling, great take on the topic!
Excellent! I love George. What a great illustration of Jesus' protection from the fires of life. Super job.
Wow, what an amazing take on the topic. That soaping a pot can turn into a great evangelistic tool is amazing.
Excellent illustration of the topic, and a very good message. I also learned somethingg. I had no clue about soaping a pot. Well done.
This is a great lesson -- in so many ways. I've camped all my life, and never knew the soap trick. Thanks. :)

And very good illustration of the topic.
I love it that you took an everyday, yet unfamiliar illustration to approach the topic. I learned a lot!
Great story.
I think you could leave out the guide smirking part of that line...he wasn't mentioned again and it threw me off a little.
I felt like I was there...very descriptive message of hope.
Great story - wonderful illustration of the topic that has yet to become tired.
Perfect--entertaining to read, right on topic, and with a super lesson. I love this entry.
I liked the lesson tucked into the lesson and how you used it to keep on topic.

Actually - were there 3 lessons? The practical lesson of the soap, the soap/stitch in time topic lesson, and the analogy of Jesus/salvation to soap. Wow!
This was my absolute favorite in Masters this week. Perhaps I am reading in more than you intended, but my impression was that George knew what the outcome of the contest would be, and that the Holy Spirit showed him how being a living sacrifice would reach the boys. This story has so much depth, and I prefer subtlety in presenting the theme, rather than being beaten over the head with it.
What a great imagination! I loved the way George was humble and wise - willing to appear humbled by a mistake in order to make a point with the boys. I love this story!
Thans for the hint, otherwise, I'd be poorer not having read this piece. Honest to goodness idea here. Thanks for the details.
I didn't know that about soaping the pot, either! Your character, George, is super and I love the direction the story took at the end.
Yep, perfect!! In every way! Loved it!
Your illustration and writing are perfect. I love this line, I cant put out the fire, but I can offer you soap. (I learned something too from reading this.) Thanks! :)
Superb! This is Excellent--not only did you nail the topic, you included a lesson, and best of all, the Gospel. Wow, what a combination. The pov added alot to the story. This is my favorite this week! :-)