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This is a beautiful, moving story. Very encouraging and a great ending, but I cannot see how it fits into the 'At the Pulpit' topic? Perhaps I'm missing something...
Nicley written. I agree that it's a beautiful story, but I got lost on the connection to the topic also!
Stunning, beautiful, moving. I don't quite get how the topic fits in either, although I loved this.
Beautiful and loving story. Missed the topical point.
Wondering if this was for encouragement.(?)Regardless, this was absolutely beautifully presented. Just lovely.
I am sitting here with tears in my eyes big time - this was such a moving story and so beautifully written. I also struggled to see how this fitted in but nonetheless - beautiful
This is so beautifully written and wonderful descriptions. Love it!
Lovely, sad, and beautiful. I've always hoped animals, our companions, will have a heaven.
I do think this is a beautiful illustration from the given verse. I see what you mean about every day living and how it comes from the pulpit and what we hear and then do each day. Just hard to see subject in story without explanation. However, I loved this story despite sticking or not sticking to subject.
An amazing piece. Gave me goosebumps reading about this, I have to take a step back after reading this because it is so intense. There is much more than just one message here. It is the pulpit of our life from which we see and experience things this deeply. The ending was my favorite, with the winged horse. I'm glad Penny's last words she heard was of love. It brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful, beautiful writing!