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This is a touching story of a minister with wonderful God given insight.
Wow ! You can feel the pain and the tears and the sympathy of the young pastor. Well done!
Creative take on the topic.
I love the analogy of the conception of a nation. Nicely done.
Beautiful story. I really feel for this woman.
Beautifully, beautifully written! I love the analogy between Hannah's longing for a child and God's longing for children. Awesome writing!
There are many parts of this story that I like, but I really like the analogy with God's desire to have children with His imprint on them. Beautiful! I knew a young man who would have preached a sermon like this; such openness and honesty is rarely seen, though.
This is wonderfully powerful and important for many women to read. Masterfully done. Wow.
This was very good and such a twist in the story line when the preacher was the woman's husband. I can't even imagine this woman's pain. Thank you for sharing.
I was touched by this beautifully written story.
This is good. I felt for the woman and the pastor at the realization of another hurting soul and no answers but a Savior who understands our burdens and hurts.
Your narrator's voice is awesome...I felt like I knew her after just a few words.
Melanie, this story is mine as well.Some of my own is found in "A Daisy Service" if you have time. Bless you for sharing so poignantly and accurately this excruciating pain. I find it hard to believe it could be anything but personal experience, or positively anointed writing.