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This is really good. I love the part about each son dying to save the other. What a wonderful observation. And telling it from Luke's voice was quite creative. Good job with the topic.
Wonderful story. I enjoyed reading it.
Top notch writing. Very clear and concise, ministering your point well. I really, really enjoyed the story and appreciated the anointed talent of the writer. God bless.
This was such a very well written story - it brought tears to my eyes!
Wonderful the way you merged the Old Testament words in this New Testament setting.
God bless you on your writing - keep up the good work!
Oh, so powerful, and what an amazing approach to the topic. I love the biblical truth, and history, woven into this extremely powerful story. Masterful.
I am amazed at the complexity and excellence of this piece. Your insight and knowledge into the Word are a blessing. Love your title, too.
Superb writing! My heart goes out every year to those women who lost their little boys...what a wonderful way of expressing comfort!
This is a beautifully woven story. I like how you gave us insight into what it was like for those who lost their little boys. How perfect to use Dr. Luke for this. Amazing writing!
I love the insight "Dr. Luke" displayed. When notheing can bring comfort, how inspiring to think that my sorrow could have a greater purpose!
A good account and a unique account of what the later years brought to a family exposed to Herod's evils. Very creative.
What greater encouragement can there be but that of spreading hope. Great work!
This was great. I love how you told this story.
Great job, Peter. I knew this was a good one. Congrats and God bless.
Excellent writing. Congratulations on your placements.
I love how you tied the gospel accounts together in this story. Excellent. Congrats on EC.
Really well put together, covering so many aspects of prophecy and actual historical events and people. The human interest added that bit extra as well. Very good take on the resurrections that occurred at Jesus' resurrection.
Well deserved placing.