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Hate to admit it, but this sounds a lot like some of my days at time. However, putting everyday pressures into verse helped to relieve some of the steam buildidng up in the pot. Got a lot out of this...thanks for sharing.
LOVE the imagery. This was an absolute pleasure to read (oh, and VERY convicting as well). You have given me a word picture I will not soon forget.
Your analogy is superb. I love your stanza about God's plans being the best. I had just read this morning in Proverbs 20:24 A man's steps are ordered by the Lord...
Well done. I wonder how many of us have missed such opportunities just because we thought it wasn't a good time.
"Now here I am, at pressure point
The lids about to pop,
Considering my perfect plan
Not His to cause to stop."

I can really relate to this. Good message. Very nicely done.
Absolutely delightful Title, followed by a terrific, well written rhymed poem - which made alot of solid, good points. How could anyone spoil this creativity? (I'm sure you've already seen your "t" missing in thought) why should I add to your trauma of "flipping your lid," eh? Great Job! Really Neat! Loved it!
Delightfully written! Full of real life, everyday experience that shoots straight to the heart! This poem is 'right on'.
The poem is right on target and with a great lesson. Excellent writing.
I am not normally a person who gets much out of poetry, but this hit me right where I am lately...just simmering and ready to blow. Thank you for reminding me that those interruptions that make me want to scream are really God. This has a really nice flow. Great writing, greater message well said.
This was great. I loved it! I might have chosen a better 2nd line in the second stanza, though because "schedule" is hard to pronounce in 3 syllables.
Minor point, though. I did enjoy it and it was well written!
I will remember the title and remind myself of what God's intentions could be for me on any given day. Imagery that is lovely to read and remember!
Very well stated. I liked how this flowed with things that truly happpen. Great writing.
Now that was a fun way of delivering a very important message. I really like the rhythm of this piece. Good job!
Lynda, I'm going to feature this poem on the Front Page showcase for the week of Dec. 17. Look for it on the FW home page!
This is very well-written. I like all the cooking/heating allusions. Your title is great. Congrats on being the FW Frontpage showcase writer!
Loved this the first time I read it - and still do. Wonderful stuff, my friend - congrats for your showcase!
I wish I'd read this yesterday, boy was my pot black, but God spoke to me today and told me to apologize and I did and praise Jesus, I'm not even warm to the touch, let alone, boiling over. THANKS!
WOW! Glad I got to read this piece. Sounds like how my day started off...though it is staggering along at a much better rate now. ^_^ I like how the title set the scene for comparisions between life and cooking. "The Pot, red hot" was my favorite line. Great job! (Congrats on being in the showcase!)
Wonderful way to see God's plan in everyday happenings. Thanks a lot , will learn and apply it. Great poetry.
I liked this the first time I read it, and I still like it. Congratulations on it being featured.