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Guessing you had a blast writing this! It gave me quite a few giggles - and I LOVE your last paragraph.
You have some delightful sarcasm in your diatribe. The last paragraph concludes it excellently.
This is entertaining. I have trouble remembering if the latest offering is Batman VII, or whatever, so I know how you feel. Good job.
Great piece. The ending is perfect.
I like the conversational approach you used here. The last paragraph is a great tie-in. Only thing I would change is to put a question mark in the middle of the first sentence of that paraghraph.
Great diatribe--I could easily imagine this being read aloud, and cantankerously.
Oh! this is a fun read. And, I think it's better than Andy Rooney.
I don't know what a "Diatribe" is, but I bet it really hurts. (LOL)

Funny read an a great point. Thanks for sharing this.
Funny and true! Sequels usually ruin the fun of the first movie.
I couldn't help but hear Mr. Rooney's voice reading this in my head. Very nice! :)
You've indeed watched too many Andy Rooney segments. LOL. Loved it! It had all the earmarks of a man waking up to distilled Drano coffee, the morning paper all wet and on the roof, thanks to the good aim of the paperboy, and everything's either Roosevelt's fault or the fault of that idiot on the town council. What a fun piece. I bet he's still fuming! Great visuals. Loved it.
I don't think any apologies to Andy are needed, this was quite a compliment to his work. I loved it.
Yes,I could picture Andy Rooney saying these things...except for the last line. And the last line was my favorite. A shorter version of this would be a great intro to a sermon. Very nice.
I love the witty sarcasm in this piece! Great job!
Loved this. Excellent. Made me smile all the way through. You (and/or Andy) speak my language.
I've always liked Andy's curmudgeon wit and I'm glad to see that it's not entirely his alone. Great job!
Oh, that's great, Glenn! What a super impression of Andy Rooney will that special G.H. twist! Loved it!
I don't bother going to movies, so I don't relate very well with this. And video is not my "thing". But I'm sure those who do go to movies and watch video will get "angry" with you.
Definitely heard Andy's voice through that whole commentary. LOL I love listening to his and I loved this one. I'd definitely approach 60 Minutes about a replacement. Great work!