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As your MC painted, it was as if I was looking over her shoulder 'seeing' every brush stroke. Gorgeous description!

I did get a little confused in places. At first, I thought the baby in the fourth paragraph was the artist's own. At the very end, I was not certain if she had merely fallen asleep or had died.

But, overall, I thought this story flowed exceptionally well.
Oh my, this is fabulous. I was completely sucked in from the beginning. Great, great job. Love and blessings, Teri
It's as if I was there through those moments in her life.

Well done! ^_^
This is a wonderful story told through the eyes of an artist.
Wow! This is beautiful. I felt the quiet sadness. Great job.
Absolutely captivating and wonderful and masterful and every other synonym for excellent. Just gorgeous. My heart was with this woman from beginning to end. Perfect.
I really like how you "painted" you MC's life story.
Beautiful, You painted the picture with words with the same grace and passion as your MC painted her life story. Good work.
An artist's view of a long lived life. It was like watching a movie as the artist painted. Very unusual and vivid.
Captivating!You had me from beginning to end.
Oh, how beautiful and descriptive. I love this. Very poignant and moving as life is painted through the narrators strokes. Very well done! God bless. Keep up the writing. Janice
Wonderful use of symbolism, and descriptive language without adjective abuse. Incredible for a rushed entry, and evidence of your incredible gift.
I love the use of painting/art as a vehicle for delivering a story. You presnted your message masterfully, as always. Not overdone, just right. Impressed as always. God bless.
A wonderful way of illustrating the events of your MC's life. Nicely done!
Masterful indeed. This captures the very essence of sadness here. I hope you do well. Great job.
Absolutely love this style of writing and you've done it so, so well! I could "picture" everything, including the emotions. Yes, masterfully done!
So uniquely and wonderfully done. I could see the painting clearly. Very good work.
I don't think I've ever read anything exactly like this. I could see each stroke as the painting grew under the 'artist's' hand. Writing and painting are so similar - what a wonderful idea to join the two in a unique masterpiece!