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Just started reading the entries for this week and beginning with this one, I can see it's going to be difficult getting through them because of the theme. But I liked your message of being honest and truthful and reminding me that a grief shared makes it only half a grief. Easier said than done at times, however.
And it is a gift - sharing, even a part, so lightens the load.
This is so moving, and encouraging. Thank you.
This was a good title for this sad story. Sometimes it helps to have Christians share part of the burden. As your leader pointed out, you character was the honest one.
A moving story, one that didn't have to go over the top to display the emotions welling within the MC. Great job!
I'm supposed to be getting ready for work. I dropped in 'quickly' just to take a glance and couldn't pull myself away. You so masterfully captured the heart and experience of a parent's hurting heart. Wonderully crafted.
This has the ring of a true story. If so, you are certainly not alone in this. I have a prodigal son as well and a close friend has three who have never accepted the Lord although they grew up in a Christian home. The sad truth is that our children must find their own way and we can only hope and pray they make the right choice. Thanks for sharing.
It's ture that being transparent is a gift. It's also true that it helps others to know that the Christian life isn't perfect, but with Christ, all things are possible. When I've shared some personal hurts in the past, it's allowed others to open up, too. Thanks for sharing your story and your wonderful wisdom!
Your story touches the heart and your honesty in sharing it gives hope to others they're not alone with problems that only God can solve.
This is a story that gives hope to all and ecourages us to open up and not be concerned of what others might think. Each of us have some hidden heartaches, hurts or disappointments we have faced in life but it is Christ who says, "Let us share one another's burdens". As a family in Christ we need to be non judegemental and have a listening compassionate heart.
I am glad that your narrator opened up enough to be genuine and in so doing maybe paved the way for otehrs to feel freer about sharing.
I could relate to this having loved ones who are not in the right place with the Lord where they should be. I also know many prodigals who have come back to the flock. I too have made some unfortunate choices when young but Praise God we have an awesome Heavenly Father who knows all of our weaknesses and keeps whispering,COme home".
If this story is based on some personal hurts that you have gone through I encourage you to keep praying and don't give up your faith. Please remember that when all seems at loss God miraculously sometimes through other people brings the stray to His loving arms.
I heard something years ago that we should picture what we long for ,such as a loving relationship with our partner or children, or a loved one or ourselves healed, bills paid,etc and then start lining it up with scripture and keep standing on it no matter what. I do believe faith, prayer and putting GOd first brings our miracles to the table of our Heavenly Father where we can sup and enjoy eating of His goodness. Lord bless you and your writing. Beautiful! Thank you so for writing this and sharing it with all of us at FW. Janice