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This is a delightful story. Do I ever remember being 13, when nothing seems as important as being accepted. Your message is just right, too. I'm so glad Jesus paid the price for us to be accepted.
(Wince.) Your story brings back painful moments of trying to fit in for me, too! I clearly remember adults telling me to not worry about fitting in so much; it wasn't that important, and when I grew up, I'd know it wasn't. But I had a hard time believing that they could possibly "understand". So much worry for nothing! Good writing.
Oooh -- I like this. What a brave woman you are for sharing one of your horribly embarrassing teenage moments.

This story made me realize that I too often still look to others for my self-worth, rather than relying only on my true identity in Christ.

This was a very fun read. (Did you ever find out who the "other guy" was?)
Neat story. I was reminded of an aunt of mine who always made a huge point of reminding all of us NEVER to leave the house without decent underwear on you just never know what could happen! Good work.
This story truly captures the intense longing of a teenage girl to be "someone." How well I can relate. This is well written and very enjoyable. Kudos to you!
My friend, you have no idea the lengths I have gone to just to "fit in." I had a hard enough time trying to fit in at home, so yeah... great lengths. And I succeeded in receiving many trophies, many ribbons, many honorary mentions, etc. But to what end?... I STILL did not fit in. And then there was Christ... patiently waiting for me to find my place in HIM all the while. Hey, I remember those pants... the kind you had to melt yourself to pour yourself in to them... lay down to zip them up and sometimes do so with a pair of pliers. LOL Goodness... the 70's/80's, skin tight jeans, wings (feathered bangs), leggin's... really don't seem so long ago. I'm reminded of my own embarassing, even horrifying moment in school. But the good times outweighed the bad. Tons of wonderful memories. Still, I would NOT want to go back there! GREAT WORK!
Hat's off to you for something so true and well written. I could certainly relate to wanting to fit in here. I wish I knew who else had 'offered the bid' but the teen drama was right on here. Great job! ^_
Excellent story. You built it up to a climax that I hadnt anticipated. The things we do to fit in it doesnt stop at the age of thirteen.
Perfect title for this piece - and it reminds me SO much of my junior high years (and, ashamedly, sometimes even now) when I struggle so to be accepted. Excellent.
Loved this story.. Im a Texan also and concur... it is football country. I loved the way you forgot to thank your mom and the mystery of the other boy.. and then the lesson of something happening more embarrasing than the guy you were with... brings back those memories..> I wonder if the ones who seemed to FIT IN... actually felt like they did?? Always wondered that... Dianne
As someone else who struggled to fit in as a young teen, I can certainly empathize with your MC! You captured the emotions well in your oh-so-true-to-life story! Good job! :)
I can see some my daughther's antics in this story as she struggled to "fit" in as a teen. Great story.
Perfect rendition of teenage anguish!

I can't imagine any school nowadays doing the slave/master thing--it strikes me as in really poor taste!

Wonderful writing here, very engaging and fun to read.
I chuckled when I read what the two things that are important to Texans are. Being a Texan, I know there's a lot of truth in that. This was well written, and I really like the conclusion. Well done.
I think you did an excellent job capturing the real worries a 13 year old carries, you nailed it. It was a great lesson, and a well told story.
I really really really like the last line. Awesome writing !
Ha! I love it! Oh, the humiliation. Yep, definitely remember those days of desperately wanting to fit in. Oh wait. I still struggle with that. Sigh. I'm working on it.
Great story telling - your POV was excellent. Nice job!