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Wow, I felt like I went on this spiritual journey with you! When DOES that comfy, settling down thing happen? I can't pinpoint the moment, either, but it did happen somewhere along life's path. Your story starts out cozy and tender with memories, and then a dose of spiritual reality shakes the reader at the end. Great entry.
Wow. I love the way you describe each scene - almost like we're sitting there right next to you and can 'see' everything you're looking at and remembering.
It's a wake-up call too, not to get too complacent as life goes by, which is so easy to do. Even though our bodies are older each day, our spirits are being renewed IF we spend intimate time with the Giver of LIFE. Thanks for this - a job well done!
~ Yulanda ~
Excellent description. I got a bit bogged down in the middle, but overall a great read. I LOVED your second to last paragraph especially. We all need this wakeup call. Thank you for sending it my way :)
You've done a great job of illustrating how complacency and the cares of the world can rob us of our joy in Him. However, I also contend that our lives are full of different seasons; some are full of the exuberant abandon of our youth, while others are seasons busy with seemingly more mundane tasks. The mundane is often just as important as the abandoned, if our hearts are still tuned in to Him. He uses us in every season. The people around us in the grocery, our husbands, our neighbors... they all need to see God too. Our mission field is wherever we are! So be encouraged, my friend. Blessings, Cheri
Great title and great ending. Love the honest reflection and introspection on display for others to associate with. Liked it.
I too loved the honesty and soul searching in this. Getting back to our first love is something I know I need to work on and this reminded me. Life sometimes gets in the way. Good story.... and loved the transparency! thank you... Dianne