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What a great story! I'm guessing I know how it turns out, but I'd love to read what happens next. Any plans to expand the story, let me know!
I was feeling with the MC the desire for some heavenly "chutspa." I'd like to hear the end, too.
Great piece. I could relate to the MC's feelings.
Right on topic! What if he attacks my beliefs and I have no answer? That's a fear I hold also - sounding like a fool. Your story will hit deep for many believers. Great characterization; wonderful, natural-sounding dialog and interaction between husband and wife. Loved it!
You characterization is so wonderful, I felt like I was right there tugging on the other side of the sheet! Thanks for sharing this awesome story filled with inspiration!
So, what did happen? Ya gotta write more. This was well written, and has an easy, natural flow about it. Good work.
Ah... I also want to know what happens!? You've left us panting for more! LOL.
Well written and very realistic. Well done! ~ Yulanda ~

I enjoyed the dialogue between the husband and wife. Telling family is hard enough without it involving a change of faith. Good story
I love everything about this piece from the title to the ending! Very well crafted piece with a message we can all relate to. There have been many times I could have used some Chutzpah myself. Great dialogue, superb storytelling. :-)
Super job! I could only imagine what that would have felt like, but you brought me right into the situation where I could feel your anxiety. Superb, masterful writing. God bless.
Oh this is so great. I could just picture the MC worrying and getting ready for the visit from her brother. You are an excellent story teller.
Wonderfully told and well-written! Quite masterful.

I only wanted to know more... How did Davey take it? How did Dad take it? And was her hubby already a Christian? And where in the world is Pennsyltucky?... just kidding...

Great - I really cared. But I was disappointed it stopped when it did. Want more - now!
I echo the above comments, and add that you have a deft touch for realistic dialogue. Very nicely done!
When I was scrolling down the entries in Masters earlier, your title caught my eye, and now I came back to read it!

I really enjoyed this story and would love to know what happened next! Also, I had a question while reading. Did Marcia's husband become a Christian with her, was he already a Christian, or did it just not bother him that she was one even if he wasn't??????

I loved the ending, too! :)
Argh!! You didn't finish the story!! How'd it go telling Davey and then Dad? Very well done--my gut was churning too. (but I still wanna know what happened next!) lol
You made my stomach churn. I could FEEL her anxiety. Great title. Wonderful entry.
I love a story where the dialog doesn't seem forced, therefore, I love your story. The flow was very nice between the characters. The tension was captured well in the wording of this piece.

The only problem I have with this is . . . what happened next! I was left hanging; which means I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. :)

Good job!

Great story. Yes, it does offer a big lead in to the "the rest of the story", but I rather like where you ended it. Your whole style of writing flows easily, brings in the reader. Good job.
I can't think of anything new to add to the comments, I too enjoyed the wonderful story telling and easy flow of the dialogue. You definitely captured the emotions of a daughter, no matter what her age, trying to have her dad accept her.