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Cute story. The "it" could have been worse!
I'm with Verna. I was afraid that "IT" was worse! It is embarrassing, though. I try so hard to stop it by doing funny things like tightening my stomach muscles. Nothing works. It's bad, especially in church where everyone's quiet. I feel like getting everybody to do the wave, just to cover for it, but, instead, opt to sit and be embarrassed. You can't exactly go outside for every growl, can you? Thanks for the awkward memories!
So many potential ITs out there, just waiting to pounce at the worst possible moment! I agree with the previous readers; that other IT would be harder to ignore, especially if IT shared the same time schedule every week as the IT you're writing about. Funny stuff!
I was thinking worse things and was actually relieved that IT wasn't what I thought! The suspense almost killed me though. Good work.
OH MY....... was I ever glad the "IT" was your "IT" and not the "IT" I was thinking of.... I think my face is bright red... I had the wrong interpretation and was dying for you..... I'll never look at "IT" the same way again. Do you remember this little rhyme? Railroad crossings, Railroad cars can you spell "IT" without any Rs? Well, you know what I'm thinking... don't you? HA!
Amazing descriptions. I felt like I was right there in your belly with "IT." I have the same problem, by the way - when I was in college, a friend of mine was sitting three seats behind me and STILL heard my stomach growl. Great stuff.
I thought IT was something considerably worse than a rumbly tummy. My problem is bottom burps some of which can be loud, and other can be quite aromatic! Ill swap you any day!
I really thought "IT" was something else and I was saying to myself, "oh no she's not.." I think I'd have skipped Bible Study if IT was the other thing. Growling stomachs are only a little embarrassing. I'd use it as an excuse to move the Bible Study to the Red Lobster or somewhere (any excuse to eat out). This is very well written. I enjoyed the suspense.
I loved IT! I too feared the IT was something of a more, hmmmm, more....
anyway, I thought it might have been something else.
Great job. Really, really enjoyed IT. God bless.
Why does that always happen in quiet places? LOL You kept my attention to the end.
Relieved to find out what "IT" truly was. This was definitely fun and something we all can identify with.
I loved how you strung me along! I was good and did NOT jump ahead to find out what IT was--too funny! I have a noisy (grumbly) stomach, too, and you described IT just right!! :-)
What a cute story that most of us can relate to easily! I loved your descriptions of how each "rumble" got started and grew in intensity! :) Wonderful humor, too! Great writing!

Lots to laugh about here! Thanks... Angel
Oh, so funny! I'd love to hear this one read aloud.
Oh, too funny! I've had some red faces over IT, as well. As noted above, IT could've been something else. Great writing. You sure pulled the reader in...feeling badly that IT was happening but laughing just the same.
This is too funny -- and IT is embarrassing. (Both the IT you are referring to, and the IT that many of us thought it might be.)

Great writing. So much fun to read. Fantastic job with the topic.
You paced this well, you never let us see the cards you were holding with showing us what IT was until it was truly time to reveal. This was a favorite, thanks for keeping me on the edge of my seat!
I wanted to jump ahead and find out what IT was, but I didn't. Great suspense. Humorous. Nice job. Blessings, Cheri