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HA!This tickled me right down to my funny bone. What a great way to show what really does and doesn't bring happiness. Love the last line and yes we should be praying every day for the "stars" for they may sparkle under the cameras but hide the pain and void they feel inside. Good job! Keep up the writing! Love it,Janice+-
Being a Patrick Swayze fan, the title caught my attention right away. There are many fun lines here. I enjoyed this very much.
Very funny! Many ways to find happiness, but nothing very lasting. Love the rhyming and the humor.
Bet you had fun writing this one! I sure did reading it - and what a message, eh? Good stuff.
Wow! I wasn't sure where this was going, but by the time I got the last verse it all made sense. Good job, VERY creative! ^_^
Wow! That's really all I can say. You did a great job of sending out an important message and adding a little humor to it.

One thing I didn't particularly like (although it was very clever): the line "even Jesus may come back, and I'd be left behind." Just to my way of thinking, this is no laughing matter, but I can see (sadly) where it might be to a lost soul. : (

Very well done. I enjoyed reading this.
This is great. I loved the humor. Sadly, many people do try to find happiness through the things you list. I had lots of fun reading this. I hope it does well.