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It's so true that we often waste time not answering the savior's call. This piece said this very well. Kudos.
I normally don't enjoy rhyming but I loved this! This is so well done with a such a depth of talent.

I enjoyed this immensely.
Excellent! I loved the progrssion of the years and the persistant voice of God.
Oh wow! This is truly annointed and powerful! This has to be put on the front page sometime! How true to life this is for so many of us. Thank you for this awesome piece hon. Lord bless you! AMAZING!Janice
What a great line....
And spent my heart on youth
Never heard it put that way before. Very creative!
Nice title and message. Well done. God bless.
This is very good! I also loved the progression described through the actions. The last lines really bring it home! Dare I say contender? Well done!
Ooooo, I love the wording, the pace, the message. Well done.
Great ending!
I love how this came full-circle. Your wording is very good...makes it all come alive.
I love rhyme. You did a very good job here. Very important message.
Just beautiful!
Very moving. Good job.
I love butterflies. Great work.
I read this through twice to process the awesome message woven throughout. WOW! It doesn't get much better than this.
This one is excellent! The powerful imagery and inspiring message combine to make a masterpiece.
Lovely and sweet. I love how this comes full circle. Made me smile!
Hi Kenn, wanted to find your peom and read it and finally got around to it. I liked this so much more many other rhyming poems. This was very sophisticated and the contrast of grace in God's eys and thunder was so appealing. I found it very pleasurable to read.
poem. not peom. I knew that!
So beautiful and true. Thank you for being such a willing vessel for God to use, bringing us the wisdom of His word through the beauty of poetry!
Excellent. Keep chasing them butterflies and churning out that verse. Where did the "Equinox" come in? Changing seasons of the soul?