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Masterful--the irony of the title gave me shivers when I got to the end. A perfect example of an anti-hero POV. And I love your little details--the egg, the church pew, the wig--that give your piece atmosphere and realism.
It amazes me that so-called godly men could enslave others and rejoice to continue such a beastly tradition. But hey, we have our own issues of that nature today, don't we. Well done, excellent description.
Excellent title! You have managed to write volumes
'between the lines' (which is where really good writing often resides).Well done.
Excellent story telling in so few words! Great POV.
Perfect title - and amazingly well-told story. Gave me shivers.
The details in this piece are wonderful. I especially like the description of the man in the second line. You've said a lot in a short piece. Very well done.
How you can think of such wondeful description to write amazes me. I loved the image of his bottom polishing the pew! ( and his fleshy face) Title was tops!
Good accouting of this histrical tale.
I like it a lot! I love the little twist at the end.

I loved the first paragraph--great imagery--I especially liked this:

"Wig askew, sweat glistening on his fleshy face, he dashed up the steps of the church."

I can picture that so easily! This also reminds me of the movie that recently came out about Wilberforce called Amazing Grace.

Again, great job!