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Nice recollection of innocent youth. I see a coming of age novel in here somewhere. Nicely done.
Ooh... a coming of age novel. Sounds like a plan! I truly enjoyed reading this light-hearted frolic of youth. We all need to return to innocence once in a while; it's refreshing! Very nicely done. Blessings, Cheri
Oops, forgot one other thing I wanted to say. I like how the newscasts were alternated with the easy events of the day. It illustrated your point very nicely; all the cares of the world, yet very removed from the reality of these young gals. Good job. Cheri
I felt like I was reliving my own teen years (I turned 14 in 1981!) - I love the way you structured this, and how well it made your point.
A nostalgic trip down memory lane. I like how you wove newsworthy events between the carefree events of adolesence. Some terrific writing!
Great structure! Your narrator's voice is authentic and interesting.
What a great tale, packed with memories and youth's sweetness. Cool structure as well, interspersing historical milestones all "children of the '80's" can recall. Good job!
You evoked sweet memories with this story of the 80's!

Wonderful writing!
Great story of coming of age! I also liked the little history tidbits, too. Of course, I wasn't born quite yet, but it was the year my parents got married!

Anyway, this can relate to anyone in any decade. ^_^
OH NO the 80's are already historical??? Where did the time go? This was a nicely done story. I liked the contrasts in the flow of the story. Every season has the good and the bad. Well written.
This is certainly different. I liked the different flashbacks/history interwoven and the sense of life moving on was very real. Good job.
Very creative entry! I really enjoyed this.