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I liked your humorous reparte and I especially liked the ending! You have a very imaginative piece here. I wish my husband had read it before our first cruise last August! Good work!
So, are we going to cruise, or not? Loved the scripture on fear. It's not an easy thing to conquer.
I really liked the humor in this!
Just LOVED all the quotes, and the attitude of that character. This was a fun, delightful read with a powerful message. (Oh, and if they're not going on that cruise, I'm sure I could take it off their hands!! hehe)
Hehehe, love the last line especially.
Great job with portraying this easy-going friendship, and the quotes were really fun.
This was a delightful piece! I enjoyed it thoroughly. Very creative. You brought your point home and kept me in stitches doing it. Everyone needs a friend like Pat. Blessings, Cheri
Too fun!! :-) You did a great job weaving quotes and 'incidents'--I chuckled the whole time. There was no way I was gonna quit reading until the very last period. The wife's response brought everything full-circle and got the last laugh. Good job! :-) :-)
This was a fun piece to read just as I'm sure it was fun to write. It made me start off my day with a smile.
There were so many great "gems" in this piece. Consequently, my favorite line, “Did you inherit a fortune cookie factory or something?”
Your amusing take on the subject: Well, a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down. Great job!
This is priceless! I love the quotes woven throughout the story. Pat is a hilarious character, though the ending was a real cinch. It just tied it all together very nicely. You have a good balance of humor and truth. Thanks for sharing!
very amusing story. Loved the ending. Thanks for sharing it.
I love the little tidbits of wisdom sprinkled through this story, so neatly laced up with splashes of humor and a great ending.
Some valuable lessons illustrated here along with plenty of humor. I enjoyed this!
I related to Jeremy's reaction to Pat's quotes. People who throw out quotes and big words can be frustrating. Great humor and great lesson.