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Very realistic dialogue and action. You drew me in and held me from beginning to end.
Good story on keeping things right because we love God, not because it the Christian thing to do. (Although that's not all bad either.) I feel that this testimony is about to win his brother.
This was great, loved it from the beginning, almost had me crying there! So true how we need to die to the flesh daily.
Great dialogue, voice, & message!
What I love most about this story is the relationship between the two brothers. It comes across as very authentic. Also, a great ending. Love the last line. Great job!
Love the easy flow of this piece, and love the believable dialogue. Very entertaining as well as conveying a message, too.
Super title, and I echo all of the other sentiments above me--this one's really good.
This plays like the scene in a movie. Very well done. Perfect title and message. The last line left me chuckling. Congrats on a job well done. Blessings, Cheri
I really enjoyed this. You addressed a very serious issue in a lighter way -- and still got the important message across.

The dialogue was great -- easy to follow. And you gave it a great dialect without making it difficult to read.

Nice job.
A superb example of why you are in "Masters"!
A frank, honest, man-to-man dialogue about human nature, love and Godly principles. Not an easy thing to pull off unless the writer is totally convicted in his heart of what God wants in his life. This came through in this piece, unveiling a fresh new perspective on a real-life situation and how with God's grace it can be overcome with certainty and humor.
Gripping openning line. Fernando may not have wanted Juan to see him crying, but in an eternal perspective, that is just what Juan needed. My favorite line was "It’s not a rule I don’t want to break, it’s Him."
Oooh! You do write so good, Friend. The characters, the inside look at Nando's heart, the dialog. It just doesn't get any better. I had a feeling you would write one great inspirational piece and this is as powerful as your other best-of-Bill writing.

Just a note to thank you, too, for your always welcome comments on my writing.