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WOW! You certainly have a way with words! Fantastic and creative writing.
"a hunk of burning love if ever there was one." Beginning of a new "love" song? :)
What-a-trip! I hung on every word wondering what was next and hoping ... yes hoping.

Sooooo much fun to read and tooooo true for so many!!!

This is hysterical. Thanks. I loved it!
I love the humor and wit you put into this story. Great work!
Masterfully written, and funny, but I also detected an ironic sadness--poor creature, so smitten with someone utterly unattainable, and pining her life away. This is much deeper than it appears at first glance.
I thoroughly enjoyed this read, Sally. Fun and wonderful.
This is a great satire on romance -- your imagery had me laughing.

But at the end I felt a little creepy -- the whole stalker thing. It left me feeling afraid of her and sorry for her. Delving deeper into her character would be interesting. (Hopefully finding her a 'real' guy.)

I see what you did, you clever thing, you. Instead of writing a serious, overwrought love story, you wrote a comical overwrought love story, which is much easier to swallow and much likelier to fit the topic while keeping things light. Very, very clever. :-)

I thoroughly enjoyed it! Sadly I know all about the Mypsace thing...sigh.

Great job!
Too funny, Sally. It's like a great spoof on romance. You've hereby succeeded in tickling my funny bone. :-)
Sadly, while I find your wit and this ironic tale quite amusing, many women are really living this reality. Excellent imagery and so well written. Blessings, Cheri
This was so funny, and yet so tragic. Poor woman. I feel like shaking her and telling her to 'get over it'.
Cute and very fun. I love the title and Sophie...^_^
What fun! Loved the writing style, the description. Yet it was kind of sad, too. This is excellent and very creative take on this topic. Good job.
This is so well done and yes it strikes a sad chord because I have loved ones who are just like this. Great take on romance!