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Pitter patter goes my heart. What a beautiful story and romantic male lead character. The word swashbuckling comes to where did I put those strawberries??
Nice! I really liked the dialogue.
This kept me captivated. The descriptions are excellent. I'm going right now to fix some strawberry shortcake!
Thanks for the smile :) Poor Francis, I guess there was no chocolate back then to dip the strawberries into???
"sweet strawberries and a dollop of whip cream." promised a delightful story and you kept that promise from beginning to end. Wonderful! WOnderful!
Well don't stop now. This sounds like just the beginning. Love the tone of this. I had a very clear picture of the lady in her full skirts and her hair tied up. (My own vision). Well done.
Wowsers! I love it! Super job of develping the plot and the personalities of your characters within the word limits. Quite an accomplishment.
Beautiful. This was wondeful from beginning to end.
I liked it! You did a great job in the word limit--too bad the word limit wasn't a bit more; I would have liked to know more details about the forbidden love! Sounds like a great idea for a romance novel.
Okay, I read it again and this time it was very... strawberry-y. :)
Loved it. Beautiful story -- perfect for the romance genre. Great imagery.

This story sounds perfect for a novella -- giving more time to character development, conflict, etc.

Nice job.
Yes - this begs for the scene at the river by the strawberry patch with her silhouette haloed by the luminous moon! Ahhhh ....

Enjoyed the male POV for a change! Excellent work!
Such an amazing sense of place. What a beautiful portrait of a true lover's heart. I wasn't swept away much during the past week, but this one absolutely swept me away. Dialogue is perfect too. Bravo, dear friend.
You literally took my breath away; superb writing. I read alot, especially the classics attempting to learn this craft, and know when I read something great, something that is so vivid in description that simply by dialogue we are thrown into the scene and FEEL it! Write a novel, already!!!
Beautiful... had me holding my breath, especially during that first scene. Cheri
I am so glad he gets his Lady and her strawberries! Grrr! I did not like that Duke-good job with writing him so well. I also liked the Male POV and especially the continuing touch of Strawberries. ^_^
Truly enjoyed this period piece of romance. Your writing shows that true love cannot be denied and is ageless and can sometimes evev be kept alive with the memory and hope of simple strawberries.
Wonderful romance. Christian and somewhat Gothic. Good mix.
"I would rather die loving her than live denying it." That is one of the strongest quotes I think I've ever read. This was a stand-out. Romance is hard enough, but a period piece? You make it look easy. Well done!
Such a deliciously romantic story! Your writing manages to shine, no matter the subject or the genre. I always look forward to see what flows from your imagination. Once again, thanks for a fun read, Friend!
Okay, now I know why I didn't make the top 40 this week! I also understand why they call you Sir William. Very good! Write another of these this week and you can take your place at the top!