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Sweet and funny - and what a hilarious last line! I think I'll remember this one for a long time.
From the least expected corner comes the answer to a maiden's prayer. Very good.
Very creative and lots of fun. Loved every "word." :-)
I really liked this one!
This is charming. I think you should expand. I'd like to know if they actually played at lunch. Kudos for an engaging read.
What a really fun story. I especially liked the screen names for the Scrabble players -- I can never think of good screen names.

And I learned some new words reading this: felicitations and amity -- I had to look them up.

Great romance story.
This is my favorite of all I've read so far this week, and I'd be very surprised if I'm wrong in guessing who wrote it!
Well done. I enjoyed this read. When you are able to reveal yourself, please use "felicitations and amity" in a sentence to help us out!!!! :-)
Very clever with a brilliant ending to boot.
I've always had a short attention span, and if what I'm reading is boring or gets bogged mind will wander elsewhere; however, this piece was riviting! Kept me on the edge...waiting for what would happen next!? Great job of writing, as always - Loved It! (Got the word "yellowy" even before the guy whose eyes matched his tweed elbows did; LOL) Very Creative!
"the suede elbow patches on his tweed jacket exactly the same color as his eyes."
Now that's an original comparison ... love it! This story has it all - charm, fun and romance!
Loved this bibliophile's romance. Great stuff.
Masterful writing; felicitations. With all the stretching going on to write within a genre, this stands as an example of how being a master with words and sentences can develop amity between the writer and any challenge. (my best shot at it, thanks for stretching my vocab too!)
I how I adore a great Scrabble story. I remember the wonderful one you wrote for the Space challenge - I loved it, too. Very rich main character. Loved the whole thing. I'm beginning to wonder, however, if I could beat you at Scrabble. I'm pretty good, but now I'm beginning to have my doubts...
I loved this! She had been looking so hard, and what she was looking for was right there, how cool is that? Great work.
Okay ... so this one is perfect = 14. What more can I say? ;)
I found it! This is just awesome! You caught the heart of Jean so well and made your readers fall in love with her. And she found love when she least expected it, which is how it often happens. Blessings, Cheri
I love Jean! What a great lady, I like that she stuck through the scrabble, so intent on finding her 'match' only to have the match find her. This was a good twist on a cute love story. The touch of the different names were very creative.
You have done an admirable job with this succinct story. Indubitably humorous!
I loved the way you had us hanging on each new competitor wondering, 'Is this the one for her?'
What a great ending.
Love sneaks in softly, after looking in all the wrong places. Good job.
Great job! A smooth and entertaining read. I found myself smiling and laughing at times at her frustrating misfortune of meeting suitable men. Loved the conclusion of finding someone "in person" after her cyber searching...
This was humorous, a creative take on romance and just flat out amazing writing, as always!
As always, I enjoy reading your pieces! I really liked how you kept it open-ended with a bit of hope at the end, too and didn't quickly tie everything up--it's something that makes me want to keep reading the rest of the story.

I must say, I loved this line: "Longing for some past genteel age, she immersed her soul in literature..." How many times I did that! I still do, maybe why I like history so much. Anyway great job! ^_^
I heard this was THE story. And yes, beyond a doubt, this is another classic from the great, Jan. Wish I would have read it sooner. Great writing always inspires me. God bless.
***Congrats on your highly commended!***
I agree with William's comment: “...another classic for the great, Jan.” An excellent piece. I loved it from the first paragraph and the ending was brilliant! Well done, friend.
I sooooooooooo love this story. It is so unique, my favourite so far, among all the romance stories that I had read!

I love your internet screen name... it is so... good.