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As a parent, I appreciated your message.

I liked the way you showed just how isolated your narrator was from the realities of little boys. The highly formal way she spoke made me think inadvertently of the Father in Cheaper By the Dozen, another 'efficiency expert.' Great story, interesting direction. Wonderful description.
So materfully written & such a timely message for parents---awesome job!
This was a nice reminder, especially with the repeating phrase about efficiency. That word cannot be used effectively in a sentence with a little boy in it. I ought to know. I had two of my own little inefficiency experts.
Very good & very good message, too.
A well written entry with a good message. We often forget that "just to be" is just as improtant than effeciency. Well done.
Really effective use of repetition, and a charming story. Love the authentic voice, and the tone.
What a day for (I presume) a lady with not children of her own. What an escapade! I like her ending thoughts on the adventure. Good writing.
A great reminder in this message, life is more than the plans WE make, more than the efficency of getting things done in a timely way. Nice story and well written.
Efficient indeed. A very fun read! I enjoyed the character of the little boy-so much like a certain little cousin of mine. I always clear my schedule as a rule of thumb now whenever he's around. ^_^ I loved the piece with the water and fishing for the mitten.
Very good story! The voice of the narrator was "efficiency itself." I like how she changed to make the little boy happy.
Great detail - and such an effective, lovely way to get this oh-so-important message out. Loved it, Suzanne!
Aww, what a darling story. Great job!