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Nice journey. Good job.
Love this. Good format. It is a nice journey. The journey is sometimes hard but the destination will more than make up for it. God bless.
Clever way to make life's transitions. I enjoyed reading it. Cried myself at the next to last entry, and thoroughly agreed with the last.
Life does go by so very quickly, doesnt it? I enjoyed the format and thought the way each entry was addressed made it even more effective. This realistic portrayal of a life was both sweet and sad. I liked the title for this piece too.
I agree to all said above. This is a straight to the heart entry and I enjoyed each bitter-sweet diary entry. So well done!
What a neat way to share the journey! I loved the music references here and there - made the "timing" more real to me! Love the last letter, of course. Great stuff.
Lovely! Made me feel a bit weepy (not easy to do). Well done - another triumph!
I absolutely love this & hope it places high! Great job & so heartwarmingly true!
And time marches on....
This was just wonderful. I love the diary format. Thumbs up!
I, too, loved the format and the passing of time noted appropriately not only in the dates, but in the salutaion of each letter (or prayer.) The maturity she had gained in her writng, thoughts and heart was written clearly and skillfully by the author.It resonated with me,and will with others whose journey it echoes!
What an excellent story! So many happenings and so many years perfectly understood in so few words! I really enoyed it.
Beautifully written. I was hoping that somewhere in the story she would realize she was asking, but not giving, to the birthday celebrity. Glad it was worked in.
Excellent story. I liked the format ... the passage of time is very fast. Great job.
Oh, I liked this. I'd like to see each little bit expanded into it's own story.

The spelling in the first one (the little girl) seemed inconsistant. If she can't spell "dollar" she probably couldn't spell "bought." But she could have asked someone, I guess. :) Just my thought, and it certainly didn't detract from the story as a whole.

I especially loved that the twin girls were born in the same year I was! 1983 was a great year to be born. ;)
Such a creative way with the "Shopping" topic! I really enjoyed these fascinating glimpses of Sharyl's life stages! WELL DONE! :)
Very nice, and I liked the glimpses into popular culture, especially since your narrator is very close to my own age. Highly entertaining!
Great story, great images, and a true telling of the swift passing of time. Since the writer is about the same age as my children, I, too, can relate. I love the ending. Nice work.
Like a beautiful walk down memory lane! You really made this realistic and engaging.
Writing at its finest!!