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This is a very inspirational piece. I really like the message. You might want to watch the overuse of the exclamation points, they can be a distraction.
Thanks for sharing this nicely done little gem.
I also tend to use exclamation points too much. They tend to lose their "punch" when overused. Of course, I know you are fully aware of that. I think it's a particular problem with Christians. We're so full of joy that it's hard to supress it: it just comes bubbling out. This was a simple, sweet tale. I thought that you did a good job with the ending. She ran out like a girl in a hurry, joyfully eager to engage with life, which is how it should be for a girl like Faith.
This has inspired me! Great entry on walking by faith.
I just love this gal's voice, and everything in this story strikes just a note of authenticity. Very, very nice.
I love Faith's personality, and the wonderful voice you gave her. I'm an exclamation point fanatic too - nice to know I'm not alone!
I enjoyed reading this! Loved the idea of a girl named Faith. There can be such power in a name.
As always you come up with an unusual way to write on the topic. As one who believes names are important, this really blessed me a lot. Awesome expression of God's heart. Great job!
Oh, this is great. I've had my own experiences in proving doctors wrong. It's fun. ;) As others have said, this is a great voice/POV and I loved the importance and significance of the name "Faith." Great job.