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Oh yesss! Good portrayal of a pastor's stresses ... but I was completely and pleasantly wrong footed about the wink! Hah, made my day, and left me with a big smile of happiness. Guess I'm just a romantic-softy.
You have such a knack for combining truth with humour; pathos with a light touch. As usual, excellent piece. I thought it was very good before I read the last line, but that clinched it.
Oh so true! Wonderfully done, and that wink fooled me too!
So many EXCELLENT lines in this one - though, as most have (and likely will) mentioned, the last is the VERY best. This story had such a wonderful, conversational tone that felt completely and totally real. And what a PERFECT title! Awesome stuff.
This was excellently done, showing a pastor's heart for what is really important, despite all the petty things he encounters. I loved the "wink" too.
The eptitome of "pastor". Well done! Loved it!
A great story! Written with truth and humor—a wonderful way to share a message in such an entertaining way. I loved the twist—so cute. This was a well crafted and very well written story.
Jan, this is wonderful. And now I understand why our pastor escapes to his office sometimes after the service. I like how you made the 'wink' happen at about the middle and again at the end, and how the pastor's prayer changed from morning to noon. You captured his emotions well. Glad I read this.
I loved the prayer of four beats ... I automatically read them in that way. I definately feel for North American pastors and what they have to deal with every day. And yes, I LOVED the wink!! LOL Great story!
This was just a wonderful story! I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Your conversational tone puts the reader right inside the pastor's head, and the wink... just too cute. Well done. Blessings, Cheri
You've really captured the heart of a pastor with your relaxed conversational style. Unfortunately, this is true to life with many pastors & their flocks....
Excellent piece!
What a wonder-full story, with a beautiful ending! If only a pastor's days could always end this way!

Thanks, and God bless,

A very enjoyable story. I LOVED the wink and my favorite image was the idea of heaven with the two very different ladies singing God's praise. Thanks for sharing this.
Jan, this is one of my favorites. I think it gives good insight as to what a pastor really deals with on a day-to-day basis. Love the last line. ;0)
Beautiful. I don't know why I didn't comment the first time I read this, but I truly enjoyed it. Loved the footstep prayers echoing his moods, and the "twist" at the end was delightful! Well done!!!
Great title, I loved how you tied it in at the end. This was somewhat amusing to read, I loved the dialouge and his prayers inbetween. A great and enjoyable read, I wish I could have known more about him as he was a very vivid character.
Thanks for commenting on An Amber-eyed Adventure!
This was wonderful, and very well written. Like everyone else, the wink caught me by surprise. How fun!
Your combination of humour, irony and the element of suprise was refreshing. I like your style. By the way, my both parents are Pastors and you have splendidly captured their daily life. Keep writing and I'll keep reading.