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Great pace and description, I could see the whole thing. I like the tension and the ironic resolution as well. Well done!
A timely message indeed — to pastoral families and to all Christian parents. Well written, too!
Your title, of course, is PERFECT. This story was amazingly compelling and honest. This felt so real-to-life and heartbreaking. Great ending too.
He was a good kid... it's so heartbreaking that parents assume things about their kids without talking to them, and this story clearly gets this truth across. You also managed to get us the facts but added in plenty of emotion and detail without waffling. Well done.
Very touching. I pray all turns out well for this family. I could see this vividly. Well done; thanks for sharing it.
This was skillfully written. It moved along nicely. We care about the characters. Just perfect!
Wow! I read this story as if it was coming directly to me from the pastor. Believable characters and a situation I've seen more than twice in lives of children who are PKs. Skillful work!
This was a good read. It caught and held my attention. It's also a sad commentary on how little time some dads, even if they're pastors, spend with their children.
Even tho I saw where this was headed, I was drawn in by your great writing. Well Done!
I saw where it was headed too, but this was still very well written and I enjoyed reading it. I liked how he was in constant prayer for the family in need, not realizing he was praying for himself. :)
You've made the main character very well rounded - not perfect but not bad either - well done. I was so relieved at the end to hear that the son was likely to be okay ... phew! Thanks for not leaving us with a tragedy!