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This is truly delightful! I suspected how it might end, but you did such a super job of describing this poor worry-wart that I was more enthralled with what the next list of diseases would be than how you would tie it all up at the end. Great stuff.
LOL! Great story. Tee Hee! What creativity. You totally got me on the ending.
Haha, very funny, and some welcome relief to the other heavier entries.
This was absolutely delightful. The story grabbed me and never lost its grip on me all the way through to the end. Thanks so much for writing this!
This was just too much fun!! You did such a wonderful job of capturing the heart of so many mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, etc.! I'm going to be smiling over this one for quite a while! Thank you!
Very creative. You put a funny spin on a serious parenting trait. I loved "flare-ups of my worry warts." Delightful!
Very very funny - and scarily familiar (I've lost count of the number of times I've planned my children's funerals). On your usual form, I see.
Masters debut Phoey! You've been writing Masters Level for as long as I've been a fan of yours. Excellent story here. You had me from beginning to end with no speed bumps. Excellent, honest, crisp writing. God bless.
How delightful! You would have thought you were describing me -- my worry warts flare up with every doctor show I watch! LOL This is great stuff, a delightful read, masterfully done, and fun! I want to meet your mom! Awesome, once again! :)
Oh, this is absolutely priceless! The last line is masterful in every sense of the word. I really enjoyed this.
Okay! So I gave the wrong writer credit for this piece. Sometimes the clues confuse me. Of coarse this reads like a master, because the masters Master wrote it. Sorry Jan. I enjoyed this beginning to end.
God bless.
I loved, loved, loved this! I once bought a book called "The Worry Workbook". Pushed my sleeves up and was ready to study my way out of worrying!... then more of life took over, and I couldn't find the time. The greatest quote I've ever read about this topic, and it definitely applies to my role as a mom: "I've suffered the most from the troubles that never came".
Thanks for your great writing, Jan, and for hinting my way here. You are indeed a Master, leaving many of us in the dust.
I loved this! Very entertaining, clever and funny. A real joy!
This is SO fun! I giggled all the way through. Your characterization is wonderful and I love the "lists." You reminded me of ME! Maybe this will help ME stop worrying as much.
Loved the humor, this is well done. Thank you.
I agree. The lists of possible diseases were the icing on the cake - and a delicious cake too. Great writing.
LOL! A delightful read, loved the humor and the 'worrying' especially the italics. Good job!
I figured out kind of early on that she would be in love, but that didn't take away from this great story. I loved how you added little things like the nick name "Jump-for-Joy" and Grandma tugging on her ponytail playfully. Added a sense of authenticity to it. Very cute take on the topic. :)
What a joy to read! Loved the worries that ran through your head, and the flare up of your worry warts was a great line!
Also loved the happy ending!
Masterful, indeed. The story was excellent but my favorite part was the twist at the end...loved it! As always, superb, creative writing. :-)
Very precious and enjoyable. You brought humor and a good description of a worry-wart to the same article. I enjoyed reading this very much. Thanks for sharing this.
hehehe, sure teaches the daughter on being a worry wart. I loved the ending.
Gorgeous! I saw the ending coming, actually, possibly because of my grandfather, who lived with my family at the time, beginning regular 'pastoral visitation' to a widow in his church - they eventually got married. I recognized the symptoms. You tell a story extremely well!
Oh, Jan, this is a keeper! I know about having to parent my parents. And now, I start to fear our kids will think they have to start parenting us, sooner or later. How wonderful, after all the negative worry, to discover it's LOVE behind all the "symptoms." Thank you!