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Beautiful work. The end is particularly strong. As parents, we do the best we can and go to God for the strength to love our children when they are unloveable. I love the lessons you learned about your mom and yourself and the description of your son's physical changes. Life (physical and spiritual) is no small miracle!
All parents can relate to this one. Parenting sure isn't as easy as we think it will be when we head into. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone in my times of uncertainty as a mom.
Good job!

There is hope and yet there is fear as I raise my now 3 year old. I must cling to God's promises! I wish my mom had lived to see her.

Thanks for sharing. I think you should keep writing again!
Wow! This is both a heartbreak and an encouragement. My eyes started filling up in the first paragraph and kept on through the whole article. You have clearly shown what keeps a Christian parent going through it all - prayer and trust that God has it all in HIS hands.

Extremely well-written and griping.
Tender, heart-felt, beautiful. I'm deeply touched by this lovely piece of life.
This is so lovely and written like a master! Heartfelt entry of the emotions we experience as parents. Well done!
The rotating perspective was well conceived and executed. That is a strong, gripping ending. From a beginner to a master, I say "Well done."
You've done an excellent job of writing both from the perspective of a parent and a daughter. We don't know what it's like to be a parent until we become one. This was well written.
I actually read this earlier on this week and it resonated with me because before I became a parent I had a hard time finding a fathers day or mothers day card that reflected my less than stellar feelings about my parents.

After 5 kids my perspective has changed.

I liked this one - strong entry.
Isn't it amazing how our perspective changes! This entry makes me want to go hug my mommy - but she's on the other side of the world right now. Guess it's time for an email. Thanks for this!
I would like to add my "yes" and "great" to all the previous comments. In so many ways I felt you writing my mother's-heart and my heart as a daughter. Esp. seeing as my youngest is also 6'3" and does the eye-rolling thing. Your prayer is aptly spoken as we ask our Heavenly Father to fill in the "gaps". Well written, Cherie... and welcome back to the Challenge.
Great descriptions, good job!
Awesome - I followed your journey through the years because I was there too. My daughter now calls more and more for advice and help. And I call on God and memories of Mom for wisdom. Beautifully written.
What a wonderful piece. You put tears in my eyes. It's very apparent how deeply you love all your son and I'm sure he will treasure this for many years to come.
This is very easy to relate to. Well written and very true. I enjoyed reading this very much. Thanks for sharing this.
I must admit that the hackles went up with the scene of not finding an appropriate Mother's Day card ... I hate it when people moan about their mums. However, I soon realized that I'd been manipulated ... you WANTED a reaction so that you could make your point. I was got! Well done! And welcome back to the challenge!
This was so very touching and moving and emotional. I could so feel with you on this. You paint an amazing picture of these relationships that comes across as entirely genuine.