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I know who wrote this one - thanks for having the courage to write it. I love how honest it is, you have truly captured your emotions in this piece.

And I am praying...
Thank you for sharing this. Many of us who have wayward family members can relate to the pain you must be going through. Please know that my prayers are with you and your sons.
Thanks for sharing. An extremely heart felt story. Crafted very well and expressed truthfully and honestly. God bless.
I agree with all of the above comments. Your honest words are so releasing and, at the same time, challenging for all of us to share our hurts.
I wonder if there is a greater pain in a mother's heart than the life of her child being lived independently of God?
This was heartfelt and refreshing and a great way of calling others to support you, our sister, in prayer. Count me in the troops.
"We care, the Teen Challenge pastor had said, promising to visit Riley in jail."

Truer words have never been spoken. My own son is currently at Teen Challenge, and they do indeed care. The experience has changed his life.

My prayers are with you and your sons, and I rejoice with you in the miracles that will be unfolding in your lives.

I love the way you included both stories, and wove them in and out of their ups and downs--it shows that there is great hope for Riley.
I feel like I've walked a mile in your shoes. This is amazingly engaging. I forgot I was reading a challenge entry - I actually forgot I was READING! I was there completely and fully. Excellent - and I am definitely praying!