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This is a beautiful picture of what the relationship between Paul and Timothy may have been like. It made me think about two things -- one was my own feelings of inadequacy and that in spite of that God created me the way He did for a purpose. The other was a reminder of how we can encourage those who are younger in faith than we are. Thanks for sharing!
I love the way you have penetrated the received wisdom and traditions of our understanding of these two characters and found something new and refreshing about them and their relationship. This was a delightful read.
An excellent character study. I enjoyed reading this very much. Well done!
But on any sort of personality quiz, I’m shown to be introverted, cautious, pessimistic, unwilling to embrace change. I’m not like you. God made me this way. Surely He has called me to be a hermit? Or maybe to establish a religious order where people hardly talk? (don't know why - but this is my favorite part!) ;)

(And Mum?) - a dead give-away! ;)

I love the layers of this piece - the many messages all the way through and the great writing.


You made Timothy come alive for me. Writing in the form of a letter was such an insightful method. Great job!
This is WONDERFUL - what a unique take on the topic - and an unique medium! This makes me relate to Timothy even more! Great piece!
Wow, this is awesome! I love the "letter" style, very original. This really spoke to my heart, thanks for writing it and pointing me to it.