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Fight fire with fire, eh? Excellent historical account - well done!
I enjoyed the history lesson. You wrote it well, so it was very interesting and thought provoking. Many blessings on your writing!
Do you teach history? You should. Much more exciting, heart rendering and understandable than the actual account. Man, can you come up with ideas!!! This was excellent ahem . . . as usual.
Wow, too cool! I loved this!!
Well written historical recollection. The narrative served to make the history comprehendable.
You did bring history alive--bravo! This piece is very nicely put together and moves right along. Its heartwarming, chronological vignettes and solid dialogue puts your readers in sympathy and admiration for the good doctor.

To make this one really shine, you might comb through for spots where you 'told' rather than 'showed.' "Standing near with shabby dignity," and "the doctor had more anxiety than usual," would be two examples.

The prospect of purposely infecting people and risking an epidemic holds the potential for more suspense than you actually developed here. . . But all told, it was a real good read with a very solid, satisfying ending--and a whole heap more interesting than my college history books! Well done!
This was great! What a marvelous way to use the topic, and this was educational and highly readable. Just super.
Wonderful! None of my nursing school teachers told this story so effectively! Very well told! Thanks so much for sharing this story.
This is FABULOUS Helen! So wonderfully told, and with a history lesson to boot! You ALWAYS bless me with your writings, and I am so glad I made it over here to read this gem!