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Powerful and evocatively told - very vivid indeed. I love this - never been to India but I feel that I have now! (Tiny typo - tense problem in the first paragraph where you speak in first person.)
A masterly description that brings the scene to light. and what a glorious, joyful ending.
Great story telling.

Well done!
What a beautiful, powerful, image-driven story. I could see it unfold and every picture was breathtaking.
Awesome testimony to God's love and grace. Wonderfully written...this is excellent in my mind. Thank you for sharing a piece of India with us.
Awesome imagery and testimony. Loved this: "Splashing in the water, I giggle like a child – God’s child."

Very atmospheric and vivid--wonderful. Welcome back!
Beautiful imagery, and a tender story. I felt like I was there. I love that the same river that couldn't save her, became the Baptismal waters. Well done!
Very much deserving of masters - this is a MASTERPIECE! The images are so vivid and masterfully painted. I truly, TRULY felt like I was right there with her. I'm definitely gonna track you! Wonderful!!
Powerful! I'm betting this is a winner!
Your words flow and engage all the senses. What a beautiful story of redemption and grace!
A wonderful story and it is very well written. I can see the scene clearly, and I feel her feelings keenly as she finds the grace of God. Thanks so much for sharing this!
This is beautiful, Christa! I enjoyed my trip to the streets of India with it's sights, smells and unfamiliar surroundings. You made it seem like I was there. Great job!
You really did take us there. A wonderful story and beautifully written.
Wow oh wow oh wow!

Your descriptions were just excellent. I too was right there.

I was slightly confused about why the police broke this up - obviously the pilgramage was very popular??

I LOVE the twist at the end when she goes back into the 'holy' river, not to be saved by the river anymore, but to show that she is truly saved.

Excellent, excellent.
Your descriptions were very vivid and I could almost see and smell the scene. How many pilgrims feel the same way as your character but there is no one to share the gospel with them?
Congratulations on your "Highly Commended" win!

God bless you as you continue to offer your gifts and talents to the Lord in such a wonderful way! Very, very well done!
Such exquisite scenery you paint with your words! Both the outward and the inward experience comes through as if seen in living color. And I love the contrast between the hopeless and the hopefilled connection to the river. You are one swell writer!
Crista, you're so good in story writing, i wish i was. I had a terriffic time reading this piece. Keep the fire burning.