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What a wonderful presentation of the Great Commission. Truly, we are not called to hunt, but to fish.

Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

I love this message and your creativity in presenting it. Great work!
Great names, titles, (personification) and message! "River of Lost Souls"....very creative approach for "fishers of men." Bravo for an entry with a very unique twist!
I just loved this article! Creative with a poignant message! Those who enjoy salvation should well-relate to your message, as most of us take a brief sojourn hunting in the forest, because of our zeal to see others saved, before we find the river banks and learn to share the truth His way. Thanks for writing! Blessings, Cheri
Excellent. Convicting and encouraging.
Thanks for this great story. It's so original and well told. I know a few who are hunters rather than fishers, and a great many fish who would rather go hungry than submit to a higher power.
Very creative - and so well done! I must admit I had never thought of it quite this way - and I am SO glad that you have brought this new - to me, anyway, thought to mind! Do "I" hunt or fish? A question everyone should ask themselves!
Awesome allegory!
Fishermen, not hunters... I loved the idea of allowing the 'fish' to make their decision over time as the hook dangles in the water. Good thoughts.
excellent allegory!
I absolutely loved this, and you make a very well-needed point. A fantastic reminder of the true nature of the Great Commission. Thank you for sharing this well-written piece!
I enjoyed your approach to the topic - effortless writing as usual. This is a valuable lesson for us to gently cast our nets instead of abrupting using the reel. Blessings...Jo
Great inventive writing neatly delivering the point, the whole point and nothing but the point. Well done. God bless. xx
Bravo! What lessons in such an enjoyably creative story. You've done it again Glenn.
Wonderful! I look forward to reading your entry each week!