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LOL! I wonder if this is a true story? I did find one or two of the long sentences difficult to read, and the second paragraph, for some reason, I had to read three times. Notwithstanding that, highly entertaining. I particularly liked the end.
I knew from the title that this would be an entertaining read, and I wasn't dissapointed! I felt the ending was just a tad weak, but otherwise great job!
The title drew me in, and the opening line kept me. This is a great missionary story - presented well, with a good, subtly humor.

Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

This is great. I loved the title and the story gave me the chuckles. Good job!
Entertaining for sure! And so, "Do fish sniff before they chomp on you?" What do YOU think? Nah, they just chewing! (Nothing to chew WITH.) Pretty fun how you stuck the spark plug thing in the midst of all the running commentary about being chewed on...interesting missionary POV. :-)
The title definitely drew me in to this one. LOL Great storytelling - Personally, I liked the beginning and the ending. I thought the second paragraph was just a tad long but that's just me. Otherwise, excellente'! :-)
Your title created interest, and your story did not disappoint. Very funny, and not your typical plot, either!
You chose the perfect title for this article and I love the humor.I almost felt your pain because you are so descriptive. It generates in me a want to read more of your stuff----WELL DONE!!!!
Enjoyed reading this - it was a pleasure. I agree with Amy about the ending, but otherwise this was lovely. God bless. xx
Very amusing and well written! Thanks for sharing this unique perspective!
So much fun! Been meaning to get to this one ever since I saw the title - but it took a hint to get me here. What a creative story, and the perfect title, and chock full of giggles!!
I love it, love it, love it, love it! The drama, the humour, the running dialogue in your mind - just brilliant all round. I don't mind the ending at all ... it sounds like life, which it is ... or it sounds like???! GREAT writing! Would make a great newsletter ... except for the being on holiday bit and the distinct possibility that Ken could be a tad unhappy about being in such a newsletter!
Lynda, I just love your stories---even this one! When I realized your locale, I immediately thought of piranha eating you alive. That would definitely not be a pleasant read. But, that sense of real danger is certainly a good way to get a grip on your reader's attention :) I loved your narrator's lighthearted voice, in spite of the circumstances, and the funny wrap-up at the end. A keepsake story - thanks, friend.