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AMEN. God's creation has so many powerful lessons to teach us - from joy, to power, to peace.
Thanks for sharing.

God bless,

Beautiful, beautiful entry! I love the line about it seeming like the singer didn't have time to get all the notes just right.
Send this one to "Birds and Blooms" magazine immediately! It's perfect for them! Wow!
I totally "ditto" that! This was beautiful and beautifully written. I loved: the descriptive way you let me see everything you did -- the way you described little Jenny's song (I'm a bird-song lover!!) -- the way you made this beautiful picture be so applicable and practical for my heart. What an incredible way to say that we all have a unique song to sing no matter our "wrappings". Oh, and we have a Jenn, whose nickname was and, sort of still is, Jenny Wren! I loved this entry. Thank you.
I always enjoy your descriptive writing. You bring me into your story every time.
WOW!! Excellent writing. Someday i'll be able to write like that. Thanks for sharing this story.
What can I say? Simply Lovely. You say so much with so little, always amazing me with your descriptive language. Yet, it never seems over the top in a excessive way. Excellent!
I love the description in this piece. What a lovely devotional as well. Thank you!
Just lovely! I enjoyed this!
Hehe I really like your discription of the song. "Tee tee teedle teedle teedle de deeee!"
I love all the details in the descriptions - made it all so real to me! This is just wonderful!
This is terrific! Light to read, yet deep in the perfect verbage and meaning. Great job as usual. :) Jo
You write very descriptively. I could vividly picture everything!
Very well written and descriptive. Good job.
I enjoyed this a lot. Your descriptions built interest into a simple act of a bird building a nest. Great story telling and good lesson in the end. :)
I'm sure you can make room for one more "Kudos"; a delightful story and an enjoyable read. Loved it!
I especially loved this line: "God conducts the orchestra of life by instilling a unique song within each of His creations. Jennys melody was one of joy."

Excellent work!
You paint a clear picture of all your characters - including the bird! A delightful read.