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This is great!! It gives a great message along with interesting information, in a very entertaining way. I wonder if the author is who I think... ;-)
I learned a lot here! Interesting how some foreign languages do sound musical...but I didn't know how tough the sounds were to differentiate in this case! I liked this line: "the music in my heart had changed to angry low chords." Very descriptive.
You learn something new every day! I never knew about the Chinese "tone" thing. This piece could have been confusing but you made it very clear by writing in plain English! Thanks for the lesson and for sharing your language struggles with us. Beautifully done!
I'm glad I only had to learn Spanish - that was hard enough! But quite apart from having earned my undying admiration for your dedicated plodding (couldn't resist the horse thing!) in language study (assuming this is a personal story), you have written a wonderful piece. A masterful work, indeed.
This was totally fascinating--I loved it! You took a subject that could have been dry and academic, and wrote your conflict in an almost lyrical way. Awesome!
I really enjoyed your different approach to the topic and the way you described the different tones. My old boss tried to teach my coworkers and I how to say thank you in Chinese one day, so I can totally relate to the tone difficulties. (we had a blast with it by the way. hehe) Thanks for an interesting and fun read. :)
I LOVED THIS! Better than reading it would be to hear you, the author and obviously language student, read it out to the rest of us, your audience. Wow! you have brought to light the challenge of learning Chinese in a most entertaining way. Masterfully written and I thank you.
As a former student of linguistics, I not only applaud your writing, but empathise with your tonal struggles! Did you know that in Russian, the only difference between 'teacher' and 'torture' is which syllable you stress? Not as tricky as tones, but some would say an interesting co-incidence!
Well written, I agree with other comments that what could have been confusing and boring was crystal clear and engaging, well done!
Very interesting, indeed! I'm comfortable knowing that God doesn't care what I sound like, or even if I can make any sounds. The murmurings of my soul are enough for Him. Good job!
I was fascinated and enchanted from beginning to end! I learned something, too! VERY well written and very visual!
Very, very intriguing - I definitely learned something new today! Wonderfully done, too! You do an excellent job of explaining, in an interesting and entertaining way, what this woman was going through!
Oh my! and I thought Basic Musicianship with solfedge was torture!! favorite quote "Yet God doesnt call us to sound intelligent let alone be intelligent." :) Love it!
Any native English speaker who has ever tried doing the tonal thing can relate to your story! I once took a language acquisition course, and I'll tell you, I was SO glad the language I was going to have to learn is NOT tonal! Thanks for exlaining the difficulty of it, and the impact it had on your emotions so clearly. Blessings!
Wow! What an engaging insight into your language struggles. And good to know that the horse isn't plodding anymore - or is it?
Wow! I can completely relate, though I'm not studying it as intensely. I love how you used the tones and words to tell the story! It is very encouraging. :-)