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Oh, this tore at my heart. What a beautiful, and sad, expression of those verses from the psalms. Wonderful writing.
Such imagery and such a way of drawing us into the lives of others. Water in the valley and while the valley flourishes we still need His strength. A wise choice made a profound difference for many!
What an amazing story. You moved me to tears at the end!
Just beautiful! You are truly gifted!
Powerfully written. This piece has the potential to change lives. Very well done.
Deep, powerful, moving. I like the clips w/ various an ongoing journal. I also like the way this is written from a present-tense perspective. In the first stanza, the "had+verb" got redundant - how about this:

Three hours ago they stood on virgin rock while the petrol engine growled, the steel bit pulverized, and the ground shuddered." Instead of, "Three hours ago they had been standing on virgin rock. For three hours the petrol engine had growled, the steel bit had pulverised, the ground had shuddered."

Nice images; well-told.
Helen, It's such a joy to read your entries once again! This marvelous piece carries such a deep sense of the enduring legacy of righteousness. In the valleys flow streams of living water!

A small suggestion: you might want to watch overusing the perfect tense (mostly past perfect here) in favor of present active.

Your imagery is captivating, as always, and your ability to convey true compassion uncluttered by maudlin sentiment is outstanding. Bravo!